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Watcher of Realms Tier List

Watcher of Realms Tier List
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Watcher of Realms is one of those games that surprises with how well it works. It is an excellent combination of tower defense gameplay, high-fantasy setting, incredible character design, and enough in-game rewards that make it completely playable without that awful feeling that you’re forced to open your wallet in order to win.

However, you are going to need good heroes if you want to keep progressing in the main campaign or win in other game modes. The game currently features more than 120 heroes obtainable via the typical gacha-style summoning mechanism. While getting the best heroes is based on luck, it is possible that you will pull pretty solid ones rather early on. Still, you cannot possibly invest your resources in upgrading them all. Most of them will be cannon fodder after all. That’s why we’re bringing you a Watcher of Realms tier list that can serve as a solid guide on whether to keep pushing a specific hero or sacrifice them at the first chance. Let’s dive in!

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Watcher of Realms Tier List

Watcher of Realms tier list
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All the heroes in Watcher of Realms are separated into five different classes—Fighter, Healer, Defender, Marksman, and Mage. If you want a solid team that will withstand all enemy waves and protect all the crystals on the map, you will need to rely on the skills of each class based on the map layout and the type of enemies trying to kill you.

The game also features several different factions that do influence various stats and bring numerous perks. However, our tier list won’t focus on the differences in faction strengths. It is, first and foremost, a guide for you to understand which heroes are worth keeping and upgrading. Still, keep in mind that our selection is subjective and based on our experience with the game. You might get great results with a different roster of heroes, and we would love to hear about your favorites in Watcher of Realms in the comments below.

Without further ado, here’s how we ranked all currently available heroes in Watcher of Realms:

SAbomination, Ajax, Apsan, Aracha, Azhor, Calypso, Crach, Elowyn, Ezryn, Hatssut, Khamet, King Harz, Laya, Morrigan, Nocturne, Nyx, Regulus, Sadie, Salazar, Setram, Shamir, Torodor, Twinfiend, Valkyra, Venoma, Volka, Zelus
AAeon, Ai, Ain, Ardeth, Aveline, Azzoth, Baron, Brienne, Cyrene, Daemon, Dalyn, Deimos, Greed, Hollow, Janqhar, Komodo, Livian, Marri, Meriel, Midan, Nazeem, Nissandei, Osiren, Raiden, Scorch, Soleil, Tauriel, Tazira, Theowin, Voroth, Wrath
BAmahle, Autumn, Borut, Brunor, Camille, Cyclone, Dagna, Decimus, Dolores, Drogo, Duradel, Eona, Estrid, Ghorza, Glen, Gluttony, Harpun, Imani, Isolde, Laurel, Lightlocke, Lili, Luneria, Maul, Morene, Narvi, Nauvras, Niro, Nisalt, Nunea, Olague, Pyros, Rex, Rhutu, Selkath, Shelor, Sorzus, Titus, Voltus, Vortex
CArlow, Aryn, Barclay, Cuke, Cutter, Elukas, Gonkba, Halder, Hayden, Langlyn, Ogrul, Preter, Rogers, Rum-Nose, Ryder, Skreef, Skulf, Spring, Wagrak
DGale, Gnash, Jonas, Josh, Lancer, Liam, Lilia

In our experience, any 5-star and 4-star hero is worth keeping if you’re lucky enough to pull them. Whatever their class, you will be able to get them to the level where they’re technically OP if you keep investing upgrading resources in these characters. However, keep in mind that your success will depend quite as much on your strategic skills and smart placement of heroes on the map—not just their level or tier.

Best Watcher of Realms Heroes for Beginners

Regulus in Watcher of Realms
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As you progress through the first few stages of Watcher of Realms, you will be able to test the strengths and weaknesses of Rex, Camille, and Voltus, and they’re quite good to get you through those first challenges. Depending on your luck with summoning, you might be forced to go for a different team setup, but here’s a list of heroes that got us through the first three chapters without a single defeat:

  • Regulus—I was lucky enough to pull this 5-star Defender soon enough, and I immediately benched Rex. Regulus is super-powerful with just a few upgrades and can tank so much damage that he has proved to be indispensable in every single map I’ve played so far.
  • Dalyn—While there are better Fighters, Dalyn has served me quite well thanks to her Freedom Defender and Rebel automated skills that recover Cost for the whole team. She will suffer without a good Healer though.
  • Ezryn—Another 5-star hero that I was lucky to pull early on, Ezryn replaced Camille in no time as the main Healer of the team. He will reduce DMG and do wonders with healing skills like Verdant Rejuvenation—just keep in mind his range when placing on the map.
  • Voltus—I stuck with Voltus for a while even though I had to replace him several times with another ranged hero (Morene), especially in the third chapter because of numerous flying enemies. His Lightning Storm skill helped me in tight situations multiple times as it deals AoE DMG equal to 110% of ATK for 20 seconds.
  • Brienne—She is my favorite Marksman of all I had the chance to play with. Her ATK stats are quite powerful, and with just a few upgrades, you will really make a force to be reckoned with out of her. I don’t think I would have been able to get through the onslaughts of flying foes without her Multi-Shot skill and wide range.

There you have it—our ranking of all heroes in Watcher of Realms and our recommendations for your team for the first part of the game. Keep in mind that these rankings might change as the game introduces new characters, and don’t forget to let us know who your favorites are in the comments below.

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Watcher of Realms Tier List