Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower Guide: Tips & Cheats To Be a Good Commander

Battle against the nefarious Gaunt Summoner in Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, a new tactical strategy game set in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar universe. Form a group of champions from all over the Mortal Realms, including the Stormcast, Darkoath, and Aelves, and climb the Silver Tower to claim glory and victory against the Chaos Gods!

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In Touch Tap Play’s Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of the game, how to summon more champions, and how to fight strategically and efficiently. Let us jump right into our Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to be a good commander!

Position your Units Carefully

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is a tried and true turn-based strategy game, and we do not mean the typical mobile game versions of that genre – this is an old school game that plays like a classic strategy game.

That means there is no auto-play, so you will be playing through every single mission manually. The tutorial will go over all of the basic tactics you need to know, and after that you are left to your own devices.

The one thing to keep in mind as you are playing this game is that positioning is key. Early on your two starting champions are going to be fairly weak, so you will need to make sure that you are not doing easily fixable mistakes.

Your melee champions should take up the frontline, while your ranged champions should hang out in the back to avoid taking too much damage.

When it comes to approaching enemies, you should always plan to have one action point remaining. If you are going to move so far that you will spend both of your action points, you are basically delivering yourself so the enemy can land a free hit on you on the next turn.

We know it is not always feasible to do with the space you have, but try to advance towards the enemy in a way so that you are close enough to them without actually being in their range of attack.

Remember that line of sight also exists in this game, meaning ranged units cannot fire through obstacles, like pillars and walls and the like. They need a direct line of sight to you in order to attack.

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Check Enemy Ranges

Whenever you are in doubt, you can always consult a unit’s range to know if you are safe or not. At any point you can tap on an enemy unit to see their attack range (indicated by the red border) and their movement range, which looks exactly like your units’ moving range.

This way you can make sure that you are moving your units safely. In general, you can move to a yellow space and be safe so as long as that space is not adjacent to a blue space, as that will still leave you within range. Just make sure to double check with the enemy’s attack range.

Beware the Blue Flames

On many of the maps, you will see braziers with blue flames in them. If you tap on them, you will notice that they have a green border, and that one of the tiles will be highlighted green.

These blue flames are actually monster spawners, and after a certain amount of time they will spawn in a new enemy. The enemy will spawn on the green highlighted tile. If the tile is covered, then the flame will simply choose a different tile.

Most of the maps contain at least one flame, some of them have even more, and they are there to try to prevent you from dawdling. You want to generally get to your objective as fast as possible before you get overwhelmed by new monsters.

Always take note of their locations because they are often put in places where the enemies that spawn in can easily flank you.

Know your Objective

Most levels will have a straightforward objective like wiping out all of the enemies on the board, but sometimes there will be different objectives like getting to the exit tiles, which are marked with a special marking.

The thing about this particular objective is that you can complete by simply rushing all of your units to the exit, even if you have not defeated all of the enemies. This is useful on the maps where there are lots of blue flames, as you can ignore them entirely.

Special Attributes

Each champion class has a special attribute that can help you turn the tide of battle.

Melee – Deathblow

Melee champions have a 40% chance to attack again, as you learned in the tutorial. This is the most straightforward attribute and it encourages you to be aggressive with your melee units – but also be warned that melee enemies also have this attribute!

If you are afraid of a deathblow attack, you may want to attack melee units using your ranged and magic units.

Ranged – Reaction Shot

Ranged champions, if they have left over action points when the turn is over, will automatically attack an enemy once they are within their attack range and line of sight. This is useful for taking a defensive stance – let enemies come to you and pick them off one by one.

An important thing to note is that if an enemy is caught in a Reaction Shot, their current movement plan will be interrupted and they will stop as soon as they enter your champion’s line of sight. You can utilize this to protect your allies from enemies going in for the kill.

Magic – Power Overwhelming

Magic champions have destructive spells that allow them to damage multiple enemies with one attack. If they do not act in a turn, their attack power and range will increase. Mages can be destructive time bombs waiting to go off if you leave in them in an advatangeous position.

Upgrading your Champions

Every time you clear a level and open a chest, you will earn XP tokens. These tokens can be spent on your champions to level them up and upgrade their stats.

Basic XP tokens are used for low level champions, and you get these by simply progressing through the campaign. If you need more, you can also visit the Daily Quests and head into the Mysterious Mists, where you can get lots of XP tokens.

You can also outfit your champions with new gear. Gear has different stats, but if you want a quick run down you can simply equip the gear that gives you the highest power rating.

In the Daily Quests, the Glittering Gift quest will give you a chance to earn a new piece of gear. You can also purchase gear from the store, which changes daily.

The final piece of equipment are boons. These are small stat buffs that can only be equipped on a single champion at a time, but they can help amplify a champion’s strengths. You can find boons in chests and the store.

Summoning a New Champion

You have two options of summoning new champions: the 100 stone champion summon option which gets you either a 1-star or 2- start champion, or the 250 stone epic summon which guarantees at least a 3-star champion.

You will start the game with two champions and enough stones to perform the basic summoning option. We highly recommend hanging onto your summoning stones and wait until you have enough to perform the epic summon.

To get more stones, make sure you complete the Blot’s Challenge for the day. It will reward you with 10 stones upon completion, and you can also purchase 100 summoning stones for 3,000 gold.

You also get 50 stones when you level up. Your player level increases when you collect enough scrolls, so make sure you are completing the levels with your units in good condition.

That’s all for our guide on Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower Guide: Tips & Cheats To Be a Good Commander

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