Warframes are war machines created to fight against superior enemy forces. They are very flexible and their attributes can be changed with different mods. One of the most important ones is aura mods as they give your warframe significant bonuses and give you additional mod slots instead of wasting them. Today we are going to tell you about the item which will maximize these modes’ effect. This guide will explain to you how to get Aura Forma in Warframe.

How to Get Aura Forma in Warframe

Forma in Warframe is a thing that allows you to polarize your frames. It makes the polarized mod slot decrease the cost of mods with the same polarity if you put them in there. Aura Forma is a special Forma that allows you to polarize your Warframe’s aura slot. But, it doesn’t change it for some specific polarity. Instead of this, it makes your slot multi-polarized which means its bonus effect will work for all polarities.

Aura Formas are very useful and getting them is not a simple task. Once it could be obtained as a reward in Operation: Hostile Mergers Mission 3 and Nightwave: Intermission 1 Rank 14 reward. However, these ways are no longer available.

In case you don’t mind wasting real money, you can buy Aura Formas for Platinum. A single Forma costs x80 Platinum and a bundle of three of them costs x150 Platinum. But, if you don’t want to waste your Platinum on these you can go to Arbitrations.

The main way to obtain Aura Formas in Warframe lies in Arbitrations. These are special missions available for those who completed all missions. There are only endless missions where you can get some special rewards based on the Rotation you got. The longer you stand on a mission the better rotation you get. The chances of getting a blueprint for Aura Forma are 1% for Rotation A, 2% for Rotation B, and 4,5% for Rotation C. Once you get a blueprint you will be able to craft Aura Forma.

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Warframe – How to Get Aura Forma


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