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Warcraft Rumble Deadmines Guide: Everything you need to know

We share the complete Warcraft Rumble Deadmines Guide with Everything you need to know.

Are you an Alliance player looking for a thrilling challenge? Then head over to Deadmines, the first dungeon available to you!

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Warcraft Rumble Deadmines Guide: Everything you need to know about
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Have you heard about Dungeons in Warcraft Rumble? If not, you’re missing out on a crucial aspect of the game.

Warcraft Rumble is a super fun mobile game with lots of modes to play and tons of different Minis to collect. As more players join in on the action and start testing out their skills, trying to master the board, they’re quickly realizing just how much joyful chaos this game can create.

In this article, we’ll be talking about one super important game mode that’s really tied to your progress in the game: Dungeons.

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What are Dungeons in Warcraft Rumble?

Dungeons are exciting challenges that require teamwork, strategy, and skill. They offer valuable rewards, including gear upgrades and experience points. So, if you want to level up your character and have some fun, you should definitely be doing Dungeons in Warcraft Rumble!

How to Gain Access to Warcraft Rumble Dungeons

Have you been wondering about the dungeons? Well, dungeons are going to be a key feature that you won’t want to miss out on in the future.

How to Gain Access to Warcraft Rumble Dungeons
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You’ll need to collect 30 Sigils to unlock them, but don’t worry; you can earn Sigils by defeating bosses in the campaign zones.
Once you unlock dungeons, you’ll be able to access them on the Events page or by tapping the green Colosseum-like area on the map. And remember, these single-player challenges are free to enter, and you can challenge them as much as you’d like, but be warned, they won’t be easy. So start collecting those Sigils and get ready for the exciting dungeons that await you in the future!

Dungeon Structure in Warcraft Rumble

To conquer the dungeon and claim its rewards, you must complete all three maps in an entire dungeon run. If you suffer defeat, you’ll need to start over unless you have Ankhs of Resurrection, which you’ll read in the rewards section.

Dungeons begin at difficulty level 5 and increase by one each time you complete them until leader Army Slots are maxed. If your leader is over-leveled compared to the dungeon level, completing the dungeon once counts as up to 3 levels achieved at once. You’ll be rewarded for all three clears, so you can skip the manageable dungeon levels while still earning total rewards. This feature saves you time.

Dungeon Structure in Warcraft Rumble
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When navigating through the dungeon maps, the rules are similar to those of your campaign maps. To claim victory, you need to defeat the boss at the end of the map.

Before starting each map, you will be presented with three Relics to choose from. These Relics are powerful upgrades that provide unique perks to your army. You should carefully consider which Relic to choose, as each one has its own benefits.

For instance, a Relic that boosts your leader’s level by 1 every time you play is a vital asset for your deck, so choose wisely.

Dungeon Structure in Warcraft Rumble
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TIP: You must choose only one of the three available Relics. You must tap on each of them to learn about their functions before selecting the preferred Relic. Please take the time to make an informed decision.

Remember to underestimate the importance of the rewards that completing a dungeon offers. They are crucial in strengthening your decks and enhancing your gameplay. So, make it your goal to complete the available dungeons as many times as possible every week. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of such a valuable opportunity?

Dungeon Rotation Schedule in Warcraft Rumble

Each week, a different Faction is featured in the rotating dungeons, and only leaders from that Faction can enter. However, you can enlist troops from any Faction to join your leader’s army.

The cycle starts anew once all Factions have been featured in the weekly rotation, beginning with the first Faction.

Dungeon Rotation Schedule in Warcraft Rumble

Alliance 7 daysHorde 7 daysBlackrock 7 daysUndead 7 daysBeast

TIP: Remember to check the Dungeons every week and complete them to earn rewards for each leader. Remember, only one Faction is available for Dungeons each week, so keep an eye out!

How to Clear Dungeons in Warcraft Rumble

Ready to conquer dungeons like a pro? Check out these expert tips on how to clear them effectively and emerge victorious every time!

As you look ahead to your future dungeon runs, keep in mind that each rotation will have unique layouts and mechanics that demand flexibility in the types of decks you build. Be strategic about selecting your Relics to ensure they synergize with your current deck.

And remember to examine the board layout before starting your run. By tapping any enemy unit or boss, you can learn more about them and devise a winning strategy to conquer your foes. Stay alert and adapt your approach as needed to overcome the challenges ahead.

What Rewards are in Dungeons

Completing each of the three maps featured in the dungeon will earn you rewards. The first and second maps offer 1 Ankh of Resurrection and Arclight Energy for each completion. The third and final map rewards you with Arclight Energy and Army Upgrade.

HINT: To maximize your Arclight Energy gain and Army Upgrades, it is highly recommended to complete the dungeon with each leader of the currently featured Faction as many times as you can.

What Rewards are in Dungeons
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The dungeon gets more challenging with each completion, and you may hit a wall at some point. But don’t worry; keep upgrading your units while waiting for that Faction to be featured in dungeons again. Then, grind the rewards for each of your leaders of that Faction!

Arclight Energy

After completing each level of the dungeon, you’ll be rewarded with Arclight Energy. This valuable resource is essential for upgrading the rarity of your Minis and for rerolling Army Upgrades. If you’re looking for a dependable way to acquire Arclight Energy, completing Dungeons is the way to go.

Ankh of Resurrection

An Ankh of Resurrection is a token that comes in handy when you fail a dungeon. Instead of restarting the whole thing, you can use one of these to retry the map you got stuck on. You’ll receive some as rewards after completing the first and second maps. However, any unused Ankhs of Resurrection will be removed from your possession once you finish the entire dungeon.

Ankh of Resurrection
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TIP: Keep an eye on the top of your screen in the dungeon menu – some exciting news regarding the number of available Ankh of Resurrections might be coming your way soon!

Army Upgrades in Warcraft Rumble Dungeon Rewards

Army Upgrades in Warcraft Rumble Dungeon Rewards
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Upon completion of the third map in a dungeon, players receive a highly coveted reward that is the ultimate goal of these challenging missions. This reward is the Army Upgrades, which are permanent enhancements to the leader’s army and deck slots. These upgrades are exclusive to the leader with which you have completed the dungeon, and they are an essential aspect of the game.

What are Army Upgrades in Warcraft Rumble?

When you’re checking out your deck on the Army page, you’ll notice some small icons placed on top of the slots where you put your Minis.

These icons provide bonus levels for certain types of units when they’re placed in that slot. The bonus level ranges from +1 to +3, depending on the level of the upgrade, which is categorized as Bronze, Silver, or Gold. If you tap the icon, you’ll get to see what the trait actually is.

For example, if Rend Blackhand is your chosen Mini, the first slot has the Blackrock bonus trait. This means that you’ll need to put a Mini from the Blackrock Faction into that slot to activate the bonus.
If you put level 13 Whelp Eggs into that slot, they will actually be level 14 (13 +1) when used in that deck. And if the slot is fully upgraded to gold, the level of the Whelp Eggs would be 13 + 3 = 16.

These upgrades are potent boosts to your army, so make sure to utilize them to the fullest extent.

Army Upgrades in Warcraft Rumble
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Ensure that you place the Minis in your build tactically to maximize the benefit from the upgrades. If the unit is suitable for the upgrade, the trait will show “active,” but if the unit does not match the trait type, it will show “unmatched.”

In case you have chosen the wrong kinds of upgrades for your army, you can tap the “Army Upgrades” button below your deck to reroll the bottom three slot upgrades. The top three slot upgrades for each leader are constant and can only be upgraded but not rerolled.

Army Upgrades From Dungeon in Warcraft Rumble

Completing each dungeon difficulty level will earn you one Army Upgrade choice. You must select one of the three available choices, which can either level up an existing slot upgrade or unlock a brand-new one.

If your leader is significantly more potent than the dungeon level difficulty and you can skip +3 dungeon levels, you will receive three of these choices upon completing the dungeon. This enables you to boost your army’s strength and seize victory quickly!

Army Upgrades From Dungeon in Warcraft Rumble
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TIP: Select one of the three options. As it stands in the image above, all slots are currently occupied, and selecting the next option will upgrade an existing Army Upgrade to the next tier.

If you’re looking to stay ahead of the game, prioritize the leader upgrade as soon as it becomes available. As you progress, keep an eye out for new upgrades to add to the bottom slots of your deck. Be sure to choose upgrades that will complement the Minis you use in your build.


If you’re looking to enhance your decks in a lasting way, investing time in dungeons is a great idea. Not only do they offer permanent boosts, but completing them also counts towards your daily reward tomes.

This means you can maximize your benefits even if you only have a short amount of time to play each day.

Take advantage of exciting new Warcraft Rumble content on Touch, Tap, Play. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Warcraft Rumble Deadmines Guide: Everything you need to know

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