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War Thunder 10th Anniversary Event – What To Expect

War Thunder 10th Anniversary Event – What To Expect

War Thunder is the MMO military game about aviation, armored vehicles, and naval craft, from the past to the most modern units. The game features three game modes. There are arcade battles, realistic battles, and simulator battles. Also, War Thunder has events, which include custom missions, vehicles, and maps. Examples are the recreation of historical battles, where you can play with some vehicles of that time. And today, we will tell you about War Thunder’s 10th Anniversary event.

Events in War Thunder

Every event in War Thunder has unique tanks, planes, and other vehicles. These events can be very funny and exciting. For example in 2020, War Thunder changed the name of the game to “Space Thunder” and introduced battles in open space. April Fools’ Day is a time when Gaijin prepare unconventional events. Some events can give you a chance to win unique machinery. These vehicles can help you to destroy other players faster and easier.

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War Thunder 10th Anniversary Event

War Thunder 10th Anniversary Event prepared many presents for all players! The anniversary celebrations last through November 14th. Special hangar, celebratory decals and vehicle camouflages, and more waiting for you! You can win the 10th anniversary decal. For this, just play one battle in any vehicle that’s ranked III or above. Also, there is a chance to get 10 rare premium vehicles from each of the anniversary events: 

  • TB-3M-17-32 bomber. 
  • Ya-5M boat. 
  • D.371 fighter. 
  • H.S.9 fighter. 
  • A13 Mk.II tank 1939. 
  • I-29 fighter. 
  • M8 LAC armored car. 
  • He 51 B-2/H seaplane. 
  • LaGG-3-23 fighter.
  • DB-7 bomber. 
  • XF5F fighter-interceptor.

There are also 10 tournaments where you can get Golden Eagles and an E-100 heavy tank.

That’s all that you must know about War Thunder 10th Anniversary event. There are lots of different events that you can play in War Thunder and hopefully, this guide will help you to know what to expect in the new event. Good luck!

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War Thunder 10th Anniversary Event – What To Expect


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