War Of Crypta Guide: Tips & Cheats To Master Hero Battles


On the planet Crypta, a massive war is breaking out! War of Crypta is a real-time hero battling game that is inspired by the Pokemon games. Collect over 100 different heroes – beings and creatures with powerful elemental abilities – and battle it out with other players from around the world in fierce and ferocious matches!

In Touch Tap Play’s War of Crypta tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of the battle system and how to master all of the mechanics of it. There is a lot of strategy to go over, so let’s get started with our War of Crypta cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to master hero battles!

Building Your Starting Team

After a short tutorial, War of Crypta will leave you to your own devices. You will learn the basic stat readouts, how to build your beginning team, and how to unlock more heroes for your team.

The game sets you loose after you open one crystal, but that does not mean that you should stop there. At this point you will only have one hero on your team, and going into a match with less than four heroes is basically giving the match to your opponent.

If you check your crystals, you will notice that there are four more crystals waiting for you to open. This will guarantee you a starting team of five heroes which gives you some options when building your team.

Once you have a full team of four heroes, you can go into your first battle.

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Battling it Out

Your hero is shown at the left side of the screen, while your opponent is on the right. Your moves are listed on the bottom of the screen, and tapping on them will make your hero perform them.

Each move has a stamina cost (the green number) and power rating (the red number) listed on it. Stamina regenerates on its own over time, so you can unleash attacks as soon as you have enough stamina or save it all up for a big combo.

To win a match, you must either knock out all four of your opponent’s heroes or run the timer out with more heroes remaining than your opponent. Win, and you will earn some dust, coins, and a crystal.

To get the edge in battle, targeting your opponent’s elemental weakness is key. If they have a fire-type hero, switch out to your water-type hero and put out their flame!

For quick reference, if you have a move that has the type advantage over your opponent, an arrow pointing upwards will mark the move in question. Conversely, a move that is not very effective will have a downward arrow.

Keep in mind that switching heroes costs 4 stamina, which is nearly half of your entire stamina bar. Repeatedly switching heroes can put you in a bind, so make sure you time it wisely.

Hero Stats

Heroes have five main stats:

  • Attack (swords) determines how much damage their moves will do on top of a move’s base power.
  • Defense (shield) determines how much damage a hero will take from attacks.
  • Health (heart) determines the hero’s maximum health.
  • Speed (two arrows) determines how fast stamina recharges when this hero is on the field.
  • Critical (circle with dot) determines the frequency and power of critical hits.

It is important to note that each family of heroes has their own influenced stat growths. Leo, the fire feline has high attack power and critical, while Tern, the water turtle has higher health and defense.

Each hero family excels in different stats, so reading up on your favorites to figure out what they are the strongest in is important to victory.

Remember that you can always see a hero’s base stats by tapping on their stat bar. This can give you a general idea of what their stat growth is going to be like.

Type Advantage

This is where the game truly becomes Pokemon: each hero in the game has an elemental affinity that is strong and weak against other elements. Some heroes even have two elements.

There is a grand total of ten elements, and knowing and memorizing them can help you battle more effectively.

  • Air beats Nature, Wither
  • Frost beats Thunder, Air
  • Mech beats Frost, Stone
  • Mystic beats Wither, Ocean
  • Nature beats Ocean, Stone, Mystic
  • Ocean beats Stone, Sun, Mech
  • Stone beats Air, Sun, Thunder
  • Sun beats Frost, Mech, Nature
  • Thunder beats Air, Ocean
  • Wither beats Nature, Mystic

If you attack a hero with a move they are weak against, they will take double damage. If the hero has two elements and the move you use is super effective against both, the opponent will take quadruple damage!

On the flip side, attacking a hero with an element that is not very effective will result in half of the normal damage. A hero with double elements that both resist your move will result in a quarter of the normal damage.

Since you can only bring four heroes with you into battle, there is no way you can cover all of your bases. Instead, focus on building a well-rounded team that uses many different elements and power them up.

Powering Up Heroes

After a battle, you will earn some dust, the purple currency. Dust can be applied to heroes to level them up, which will increase their stats and maybe even learn a new move. When heroes reach a certain level, they may also transform into new, powerful heroes.

Prioritize leveling up your favorite heroes, as levels make a big difference in this game. In addition to the pumping up their levels, you can also give heroes new universal moves if it matches their typing.

You may find extra moves when you open up crystals, and you can assign them to any compatible hero. Remember that a single hero can have up to four moves, so choose wisely.

Advanced Battle Techniques

When a battle first begins, you will have no idea what you are going up against, besides your opponent’s initial hero. Their other heroes will be marked with a question mark until they are brought out into the field.

One of the best things to do early in a battle is to force your opponent to reveal their entire team. Switch to a hero that has the type advantage over their starting opponent, and then they will switch to another.

Repeat this process until their entire team has been revealed. Once an opponent’s hero is revealed, you can also see their switch cooldown which can be taken advantage of.

Once you know their entire team, the battle becomes a matter of forcing your opponent to respond to you, and not the other way around. Constantly switching to hit their heroes’ weaknesses keeps them on the backpedal, having to keep switching to avoid taking huge chunks of damage.

When your opponent is not attacking you and all of their heroes are off cooldown, you can assume that they are saving up stamina for a switch. Try to predict what hero is coming out next – they are probably going to switch to a hero that counters your current hero, so be one step ahead and switch to an appropriate counter. A counter to their counter, if you will!

If you time this perfectly right, they will send out a hero that you can counter easily with no stamina, giving you ample time to land some super effective hits on them.

Check out the Shop

The shop’s inventory has two sections that you can buy the items with coins: the daily deals and the weekly deals. As the names suggest, these items rotate out every day and every week respectively.

You can find heroes and moves in the shop, so it is worth checking out every day. Adding new moves to your heroes is always helpful!

That’s all for War of Crypta! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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