The monsters have arrived, and they have brought absolute mayhem with them! Monsterz Minigames is a new collection of rapid-fire minigames from Electric French Fries, the company behind a bunch of wacky movie maker apps.

The craziness definitely shows in Monsterz Minigames. When you start the game, a new monster will roll in and you have to help it avoid some unfortunately circumstance, like avoiding pitchforks, lifting a whale so it does not crush the monster, and more.

These monsters are getting into all sorts of trouble and it is up to you to bail them out in tons of different devilishly funny and fast-paced minigames. Even if you fail, something hilarious is bound to happen, and you can always try again!

Each set of minigames has various endings depending on how well you do. If the ending is not too your favor, play through again, this time with different minigames – you never know what you are going to get!

And for the completionists, Monsterz Minigames features tons of achievements for you to challenge yourself with. Complete the achievements, and collect fun prizes!

Monsterz Minigames is available on the App Store for 0.99 USD.


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