It is a bright, sunny day on Shepherd Hazel Woof’s pasture. Her sheep are grazing peacefully, but unbeknownst to her Poacher Alex Fox is watching from afar, ready to lure her precious sheep into traps. Will Hazel be able to defend her sheep? Or will Alex get away with them? The decision is yours in Sheeping Around!

Sheeping Around is an all-new multiplayer strategy card game. Players can choose to side with Hazel Woof or Alex Fox, and the objective of the game changes accordingly: defend or steal the sheep!

At the beginning of match, there are three sheep on the board. To win, a player must steal or take home two of the three sheep. Sounds easy, right? But that is only the beginning! There are bunch of cards that you can play that will mess with your opponent in some way.

Whether that be traps for sheeps, protective guard sheep, or even cards that make sheep graze faster, you never know what your opponent has in store for you and no two matches are ever the same.

Sheeping Around is a wacky deck building game that combines rapid-fire CCG elements into one hilariously fun package. Sheeping Around launches next week on the App Store on January 17 for 3.99 USD.


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