Killing zombies never gets old, which is why we’re happy to welcome Zombie Blast Crew to this year’s Halloween festivities.

Here’s the setup. It’s been 11 months since the viral outbreak that turned most of humanity into brain-munching ghouls, and it’s high time the survivors emerged from their countryside hideouts and started shooting stuff.

In this latest polished mobile outing for Vivid Games, the studio that brought you Godfire and Space Pioneer, you need to tool up and clear the streets of zombie scum, while doing a few other heroic bits and pieces for good measure.

These missions include killing a set number of zombies, taking down a certain number of big boss zombies, collecting weapons and ammo, retrieving medical supplies, and more. Each stage also has challenges, like finishing in under two minutes and keeping your HP above 25%.

At first, there’s just one of you – a lone hero against an army of drooling undead. The gameplay loop sees you picking up coins and earning XP, in turn allowing you to upgrade your gear and your character, and eventually unlock new characters.

There are five in all, and they all have their own unique weapons, from assault rifles to shotguns to flamethrowers. Whomever you take into battle, you can choose your own loadout, from grenades, mines, and so on.

This is handy because there are different types of zombies with different strengths, weaknesses, and attack patterns. You need to choose the right gear for the job, ensuring that everything you use is leveled up to a deadly point.

That’s the campaign, but there’s also a bit of multiplayer fun to be had in the form of competitive challenges with their own leaderboards. They include Horde, Killing Feast, and Challenge Rush modes.

Zombie Blast Crew is available for free right now on Google Play and the App Store.



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