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Victoria 3: All Console Commands & Cheats

Victoria 3: All Console Commands & Cheats

With the help of Victoria 3 Console Commands and cheats, players can fast forward time and the different modes, develop a relationship with new countries, annex a country or all countries, force AI to agree to all proposals made by players, and much more. So, if you are interested in using the said commands and cheats, continue reading our guide on All Console Commands and cheats in Victoria 3 and how to use it. 

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All Console Commands & Cheats in Victoria 3

Here is a complete list of all Console Commands and cheats in Victoria 3 that you can use to progress the game swiftly without getting stuck at any point while gaining access to additional features and other stuff. 

  • fastinstitutions
    • You can use this command to enable fast institutions mode.
  • fastinterests
    • You can use this command to enable fast interests mode.
  • fastenact
    • You can use this command to enable fast enact mode.
  • fastmoblize
    • You can use this command to enable fast mobilization mode.
  • fastsearch
    • You can use this command to enable fast search mode.
  • fastrevoultion
    • You can use this command to enable fast revolution mode.
  • fastravels
    • You can use this command to enable fast travel mode.
  • fasthire
    • You can use this command to enable fast hire mode.
  • fastbuild
    • You can use this command to enable the cheat mode fast build.
  • annex (country tag)
    • You can use this command to annex a chosen country.
  • annex_all
    • You can use this command to annex all countries.
  • create_pop_history
    • This command will create a dump file in debug.log that will include a complete pop history.
  • change_law (law) (country)
    • Using this command changes laws in a country.
  • add_war_support (country) (place amount here)
    • Adds war support with a certain country.
  • Version
    • Displays game version.
  • add_ideology (Target interest group.) (Ideology to add.)
    • Add an ideology to a given IG.
  • screenshot
    • Forces the game to screenshot.
  • set_pollution_level state region (place amount here)
    • Sets pollution level to whatever is the chosen amount.
  • add_approval (interest group) (place amount here)
    • Adds approval rating with a certain interest group.
  • add_clout (interest group) (place amount here)
    • Adds clout rating with a certain interest group.
  • add_loyalists (culture) (place amount here)
    • Adds a certain amount of loyalist population to your country.
  • add_radicals (culture) (place amount here)
    • Adds a certain amount of radical population to your country.
  • add_relations (country) (place amount here)
    • Adds relations with a certain country.
  • yesmen
    • Makes AI agree to all proposals and offers made by the player nation.
  • cthulhu
    • fun little easter egg that will make the Cthulhu chant text appear when typed into the console.
  • vsync
    • Using this command will toggle main swap chains vsync.
  • validate_pops
    • This command will ensure all populations have valid parameters and print them to the error log otherwise.
  • time
    • Displays what time it is in the console.
  • textureviewer
    • Allows you to view textures.
  • texturelist
    • Displays a texture list.
  • tag (country)
    • It allows you to play as a country if you place the country’s tag after the tag command.
  • skip_migration
    • Using this command toggles migration skipping.
  • Settings
    • Using this command opens a setting GUI.
  • update_distribution (state id)
    • This command will update garrison unit distribution in the HQ region of a specified state.
  • update_employment
    • Using this command will transfer employees between buildings in the specified state.
  • validate_employment
    • Using this command prints out unemployment in states.
  • validate_income
    • Using this command will print out countries with income deficits.
  • treatyport (state)
    • Using this command gives players a treaty port in a specified state region.
  • switchlanguage (language) 
    • Using this command changes the game’s language to a chosen one. 
  • popstat
    • Shows the total active population.
  • help
    • Provides a list of commands for the user.
  • enable_ai
    • It enables ai in the game.
  • Adjacencies.Rebuild
    • This command rebuilds adjacencies.
  • Application.ChangeResolution
    • This command changes the game’s resolution through the console.
  • disable_ai
    • Disables ai in the game.
  • research (technology key) 
    • This command gives a specified technology to your country. 
  • set_devastation_level (state) (place amount here)
    • This command allows players to set the devastation level of a specified region.
  • wagerate (building) (rate)
    • Using this command changes a building’s wage to a new chosen rate. 
  • province borders (true or false)
    • Enables or disables province borders.
  • portrait editor
    • Enables the game’s portrait editor.
  • nosecession 
    • Disables secessions in Victoria 3.
  • norevolution
    • Disables revoultions in Victoria 3.
  • own (province or state region tag) (country)
    • Makes a province or state region owned by a specified country. 
  • Kill_character (name) 
    • kills a chosen character.
  • money (amount)
    •  Adds money to the player’s treasury. 
  • Ingore_gorvernment_support 
    • Enables ignoring government support.
  • Observe 
    • Toggles Victoria 3’s observation mode. 
  • changestatepop (state’s id) (population type)
    • Changes the population size of the given type to a given factor. 
  • Tag
    • Provides a country’s tag in the console.
  • skip_migration
    • toggles the cheat mode skip_migration.
  • show_goals
    • Shows Ai goals in the console.
  • date (date in format yyyy.mm.dd.hh)
    • Changes current date.

How to Use Console Commands and Cheats in Victoria 3

To use Console Commands and cheats in Victoria 3, you must launch the game in Debug Mode; you can do it by navigating to the game’s launcher Settings and selecting “Open game in debug mode” under the Game option. Or you can go to Steam > Library > Right-click on Victoria 3 > Properties > Under General, set Launch Options as -debug_mode.

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Once you run the game in Debug Mode, press the ~ key on your keyboard to open the console where you can use the cheats and Console Commands. 

That concludes our guide on all Console Commands and cheats in Victoria 3.

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