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Valiant Force 2 Tier List

Valiant Force 2 Tier List
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If you are looking to start your adventure in Valiant Force 2, knowing which are the best characters in the game will make your experience much more enjoyable. On this page, you can find our complete Valiant Force 2 tier list as we rank every unit from best to worst. Read everything that you need to know down below!

About the game

Valiant Force 2 is a strategy role-playing game (RPG) by XII Braves PTE LTD, available for iOS and Android devices. The adventure takes place in the realm of Arathos, ten years after the events of the original game.

The Crystal of Arathos, along with its guardian, has gone missing, and the world is in chaos. Some citizens of the realm believe the guardian betrayed them, while others still keep their faith in him.

A group of friends led by an honorable knight will try to find answers and bring peace and unity back to the realm. The game features the defined Valiant Force turn-based battle system along with a plethora of new heroes, runes, and expansive in-game events.

Valiant Force 2 Tier List

Below, you can find our complete Valiant Force 2 tier list. The characters on each tier are sorted alphabetically and not based on their overall performance. For example, Altima is the first character on our S tier. It doesn’t necessarily mean that Altima is a better character than Vincent. Ok, with that out of the way, let’s get right into our Valiant Force 2 tier list!

S TierAltima, Emilia, Miu, Vincent, Eden
A TierCybella, Drake, Izumi, Jenny, Kahuna, Madeleine, Raega, Rhea
B TierEliza, Faye, Hinata, Ronan, Teresa, Valerie, Verdans, Victoria
C TierKai, Nadia, Tess, Reiner
D TierTaegen, Zedda

Of course, ideally, you’d want to get one of the S Tier heroes to start off your adventure in the world of Valiant Force 2. With that said, A-tier heroes are also strong enough to get the job done. Remember that this is an extremely early power ranking of the heroes. Future updates might very well shift the power rankings. We will update our list as we get more information about the game, so make sure to revisit this page often.

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Valiant Force 2 Tier List


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