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Used Car Dealer Guide: Tips to Sell More Cars and Grow the Business

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In today’s article we are going to cover all of the Used Car Dealer tips and cheats that we’ve gathered and share them with you, so that you can successfully grow your business.

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I have been playing this tycoon kind of game for a while now, and I have to admit that if you are into the genre, if you like collecting car models and expanding, but have no issues watching ads, then it’s definitely an amazing choice!

But putting all the praising aside, it’s time to check out the main reason why you are here – the Used Car Dealer tips and tricks! So let’s not waste another second and dive right into them!

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Bargain for every car deal, down to a couple hundred bucks

This is going to be your most used skill, especially from the very beginning. You should always tap on the cars waiting in line and I personally prefer to tap 3 times on the “Bargain” button because that way I will get the smallest GUARANTEED price.

If you tap 4 times on the Bargain button the seller might leave because they will not always accept selling their car for $1. So that’s why I suggest that you bargain by tapping 3 times only on the button and not be too greedy about it, since you’ll get profit either way.

Get the Bunny Girl Buyer

In the buyer section you will be able to make a couple of upgrades. However, one of them is not permanent and just a temporary boost to increase your profit. This is the Bunny Girl Buyer who will buy all the cars that show up for a bargain price for the next 2 minutes.

You can can activate this by watching an advertisement in the Acquisition building, so if you see that you’re running a little bit slow on the incoming cars, then do this to get a boost.

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Upgrade the buildings at the rate that you want

Upgrading the buildings is very important because they will increase the profit for everything that you do and that means that you will get a lot more money for the investment that you make.

I suggest that you start upgrading everything slowly, by beginning with the Truck Sales Lot, as that is going to boost your first sales. Then, when you unlock the SUV, Sedan and more slots you work on them too. It’s really important that you start with these two upgrades first:

– Unlock more slots (The more slots you have the unlocked, the better. Try filling up the available slots.)

– Hire Salesman (Having the maximum number of salesmen is always good because they speed up the selling process.)

The others are also important, but what is really going to make a difference is combining all the upgrades to unlock overall upgrades. So for example at key upgrades you will be able to to increase profits overall and the number of customers (if you get more models).

The Acquisition center upgrades are important

Here you can upgrade the overall speed of buying old cars, and increase the number of cars coming through, as well as get better discounts. Now I really need to tell you that this is extremely important.

If you make a lot of upgrades to your car type sales lots, you will soon enough run out of cars to sell! So if you don’t buy the cars manually, then it might be more difficult to keep up with the demand. That’s another reason why I suggested to hire the Bunny Girl Buyer.

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Complete the quests

The quests will give you extra money for completing them, so they are a great way to get more money especially in the early game. If you are not sure in which order to progress in the game, then follow them because they will give you a rough idea on how you can advance.

Even if you don’t follow the quests, you will still be able to claim the rewards for the ones that you completed in advance, once they will appear as tasks. I suggest that you keep track of them though, because if you haven’t competed any, then you might be able to claim quite a lot of money from them1

Watch the Report regularly

Next to the Quests button you will have the Report button. There you will see a detailed report of all the facilities and you can see which of them are doing good, and which are not that great.

Based on that, you can tell which of the fields are doing well and which are not. Now I suggest that you try to upgrade the ones which are not doing good, because that will slowly show in the Report.

Another thing to keep in mind here is to try and watch the stats. If they are blue, then it is good. If something is red, then that’s not a good sign. Whatever stat is red (if any) then you need to work on making upgrades that affect it!

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Expand the business

Expanding the business is good because the more facilities you build, the more more you will eventually make. So I suggest that you always build anything you can! When you have unlocked everything, then you can start shifting your attention towards making the smaller upgrades, such as the Sidelines upgrades.

Upgrade the Sideline businesses

These businesses gather money over time for you. Their upgrades will cost Gems, so it’s not a great idea to start upgrading them as soon as you start playing, because the Gems are better used for getting some good Cards.

So once you unlocked pretty much everything that you wanted in the car park, then you can start upgrading these because the money will keep piling up and give you more and more bucks!

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Always check the VIP slot

In the VIP slot you will receive some various goods, such as unique cars that you can bargain for, and some Sponsors. Now let me tell you how they work:

– The unique Buy Car: From this you can bid for some great cars, and you can strike some great deals within the 5 seconds that you have to bid. I suggest that you tap as fast as you can within those 5 seconds to strike the best deal you can! This is a great option especially when you want to make some more money fast.

– The Sponsor Golden Car: From the Sponsor you can choose to watch an advertisement and you will receive some free currency! This is great especially if you want extra money quickly!

Get more Gems and buy goods

In the Shop you will have a really useful option which will give you Gems for free. Try to always claim these free Gem options daily and do all the requirement that they ask for because they are a great way to earn extra goods.

Basically there is an option called “A Bag of Gems” which gives you 300 Gems in return for watching 5 ads. I definitely suggest you do this daily because you can buy a Golden Box with them every day, and every 2 days you can get 3 boxes!

Another free option to get Gems is to watch 5 ads, which each give you 30 Gems. You can do this 5 times a day, and that will earn you 150 Gems extra daily!

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Upgrade and unlock more Cards

You can get some Epic Upgrades which increase various stats (such as giving you extra income from Sideline businesses and getting more discounted prices, and many more) so they are really helpful overall.

These cards can be obtained by claiming your free Daily Boxes, by purchasing Gems Boxes and Golden Boxes.

Daily Boxes: They give you 4 free cards, all that you need to do is watch an ad and you can claim them every day, several times!

– Gems Boxes: They cost 50 Gems to open, but they are not really worth it IMO, so I suggest that you don’t bother with them.

– Golden Boxes: These are the best ones. In each Golden Box you will have 20 cards, so it’s a great way to get some more upgrades every single day! Make sure that you spend your Gems on this when you want to make upgrades to the Epic Skills.

These would be all of our Used Car Dealer tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more cool and useful game tips and tricks? Feel free to share them with us by leaving them down in the comments section below!

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Used Car Dealer Guide: Tips to Sell More Cars and Grow the Business

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