There is no shortage of puzzle games on the mobile, from endless Tetris-a-likes to confectionary-sweet match threes. There’s nothing quite like a good room escape game, though, which feature all the puzzle-solving fun of point-and-click adventures.

Recently released, Krystopia is a new escape-the-room game from Swedish studio Antler Interactive – best known for Krystal Kart and SVRVIVE: The Deus Helix – and this one is sure to please fans of the genre.

In Krystopia, you step into the space-faring shoes of Nova Dune as she chases down a mystery distress signal. She tracks the signal to an alien planet, but it appears to be deserted. Roaming across sand dunes, she discovers a huge gateway in the side of a cliff, within which lies locked door after locked door.

You must guide Nova through each room, solving the elaborate puzzles as you go. All pretty in low-poly, the ‘rooms’ here are more like little temples out of Tomb Raider. Puzzles come in all shapes and sizes, with sliding tiles, lasers, pipes and other mechanisms to confound you.

There are also all sorts of collectible relics, including letters from the people who used to live here; these fragments reveal more detail about the mysterious alien civilisation, and what might have happened to it.

Embark on an adventure and help Nova Dune uncover the origin of the distress signal. You can download Krystopia from Google Play, the App Store and Steam now.



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