Zombies games are dime a dozen nowadays, but how many zombies games have you played where YOU are the zombie? Zombie Night Terror is a gorey, pixel game featuring everyone’s favorite undead creatures, but with a twist: you control the zombies!

Scope out a crowded, dense city area and pick the first victim. Then, watch the chaos unfold! In this strategy action game, you will need to turn all living beings into zombies by the end, but you can only make so many zombies yourself.

The solution? Have the horde work for you. The zombie horde will obey your every command, and they will attack and infect other humans. A single bite is enough to turn them, but eventually you will start to encounter tougher targets, like trained soldiers.

Bigger threats call for bigger zombies – literally! The mutation system allows you to upgrade your zombies into different types, one of which is a colossal beast that can take down any opposition with relative ease. There is a zombie type for every occasion, so try them all!

Originally released on PC, Zombie Night Terror has been reworked for mobile systems, and now you too can experience the terror. You can purchase the game on the App Store and Google Play Store for 4.99 USD.


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