They say that cats are one of the most mischievous house pets to own. They will run over things and knock stuff over when you are not looking. Some say that they are just a little unaware of their surroundings and that they are clumsy.

But you know better. We all know better. We know what these cats are capable of!

Crashy Cats is an endless rampage runner where you live up to the namesake and cause as much mayhem as possible. You start the adventure with one cat, and it will run forward on its own.

Tap the screen to make it jump, and try to run into as many items as possible. Knock stuff off the shelves, destroy valuable electronics, knock petty humans down – anything to cause utter chaos!

The more things you destroy, the more coins you will earn, and maybe even other cats will be inspired to join your cause to crash into as many things as possible! If you do really well, a special cake just for you will appear, and grabbing it will let you live out a classic meme featuring a cat in space…

Crashy Cats is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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