A really unique blend of strategy and shooter games has been released on the App Store.

Assault Vector, developed by PKSArena, combines a lot of different features in a mix that works quite nicely. Gamers will have to control a ship placed on a grid filled with hexagons in a turn based experience. Every time you move your ship, a turn expires and your opponent will be able to move and attack.

What makes Assault Vector a really nice game is how fast paced and intuitive the gameplay experience is. Each ship of the game as a certain arc of fire: land your ship inside it and you will be damaged. Avoid it and get your opponent ships in your fire range and you will be the one dealing damage. With many ships and different abilities at one’s disposal, it’s no wonder that Assault Vector features a deep experience.

Your ship will not stay as they are for the duration of the game, as it’s possible to customize it in several different ways, adding even more strategic depth to the game.

Assault Vector is now available on the App Store for only $1.99. It’s not everyday that a strategic game with such an engaging gameplay experience gets released so make sure to check it out if you like these kind of games, you may be surprised by the deep gameplay experience offered by Assault Vector.



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