The Longest Drift

iOS and Android devices have become home for some of the most unique and interesting video games in the past few years, but they have never seen something like The Longest Drift, a game that combines two genre that share nothing in common.

The Longest Drift, developed by Crevasse, features a combination between point and click adventure games and drifting game mechanics. The combination sounds very weird on paper, but it seems like the developer managed to come up with some very interesting, judging from the trailer below.

So, what exactly will you be doing in The Longest Drift? You will drift a car through some desolate but beautiful roads, but also explore different locations, solve all manners of puzzles and solve the mystery behind the disappearance of some of your family members. A regular day’s work in the life of an adventurer, so it seems.

The Longest Drift will be released globally on iOS on October 26th. It will launch as a premium title for the price of $1.99.


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