Turn-Based Shooter Gun Rounds Now Available on iOS, Android


Gun Rounds is a unique little roguelite shooter featuring simple pixel art graphics. Do not let the style fool you though: this game is one tough cookie, and Gun Rounds demands tactical positioning and smart shooting.

At first glance, Gun Rounds looks like your standard top-down arcade style shooter. Truth it, Gun Rounds is quite the opposite – the game plays out like a tactical shooter RPG.

Players do not move freely when combat occurs. Instead, players will take turns with the enemies attacking. On the player’s turn, they will freely target the enemies and use one of their four attacks.

Each attack has special properties, like a spread shot that can hit multiple enemies if timed well, or a simple pistol shot that is very accurate. Waiting for the right moment can help you maximize your damage.

When it is the enemy turn, they will fire at the player but a shield will surround them. Tapping at the right moment will block attacks and restore ammo, but mistiming blocks will result in damage, so be careful!

With four different worlds to shoot through, tons of permanent upgrades to make each run easier, and lots of fun treasures, Gun Rounds is a simple yet addictive roguelite.

Gun Rounds is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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Turn-Based Shooter Gun Rounds Now Available on iOS, Android


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