It’s the craziest party you’ve ever seen… in a forest! Trolls: Crazy Party Forest is a game where you get to build a village for trolls from the hit animated film! Customize the village to your liking with activity centers, dance floors, candy crops, and more! Train up your trolls to throw the best parties around, which might just attract new trolls to move into your village! We’ve got a couple tips and tricks for hosting the ultimate party in our Trolls: Crazy Party Forest cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Start the DJ party!


Serving guests the correct item during a party will increase your DJ’s star meter. Once it’s full, you can tap on them to initiate a timing mini game where you need to tap the circles once the ring touches it. Try to start this mini game as fast as you can, as it’s one of the best way to increase your score. The higher your score at the end of the party, the more stars you get. Of course this is a great thing since you can increase your odds for the prize you actually want.

2. Energize your trolls!

The more trolls you have, the more buttons they’ll generate over time. Your trolls also have their own individual levels, and they gain experience when you feed them or have them participate in parties. Whenever they level up, their maximum energy increases and the amount of buttons they generate goes up as well. Always check in on your trolls to see if they’re lacking any energy. Feeding them give them experience points too!

3. Complete the daily quests!

Daily quests come in a set once a new day starts. You’ll have about ten quests to complete, and if you manage to complete them before the day is over you’ll be rewarded 10 golden cupcakes for your trouble. Try to complete the set you are given before the day is over, as this is a good way to build up your golden cupcakes, the premium currency.

4. Keep patches upgraded and planted!

Patches must be upgraded individually in order to grow the better crops. Always purchase as many patches as you can for your current level, and upgrade them as much as possible. You’ll need to be constantly growing all types of crops in order to keep your trolls happy. Don’t let your patches be idle – try to have a crop growing at all times.

5. Don’t stop training!

Your trolls need to be trained in their respective talents if you want to throw the higher quality parties. There is one training facility for each kind of troll, and you want to treat them like the plots. Always have your trolls training so they can be ready for the craziest kinds of parties! You’ll need to take energy breaks in between though, as each training session reduces the troll’s energy a bit.

That’s all for Trolls: Crazy Party Forest! If you’ve got any other trolltastic tips or tricks to share with us, let us know in the comments below!




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