Trench Assault Cheats: Tips & Guide to Defeat All Opponents & Win the Battles

In today’s article we are going to cover all of the Trench Assault tips and cheats and help you win all of the battles and learn how to deploy your units in such a way that you will take down all the opponents!

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If you like strategy games, but you also want to combine them with card games, then I could safely say that you got yourself a game that is pretty simple, yet relies solely on strategic thinking, so you will have to take decisions based on what’s happening on the battlefield!

But since you are here, that probably means that you would like to know how to win the fights, right? Well, then let’s not waste another moment and dive right into the Trench Assault tips and tricks to help you defeat all the enemies!

Battle until you unlock HQ 1

Since the game doesn’t exactly guide you step by step on how you can progress at start, the only thing that is available to you is the “Battle” option. This will mean that you can battle other opponents while you are still in the Training Grounds (though I am not sure these are real opponents – might be just bots).

Either way, the fights are not difficult at all and you will most likely have flawless victories throughout all the encounters. Now I would suggest that you battle a little bit, until you unlock the Headquarters 1.

Then you will be able to access the other game functions and hopefully try to aim for some powerful unit cards that will take you can add to your deck and make it stronger.

How to unlock Headquarters 1? Well, that’s pretty simple! All that you really need to do is fight in the Training Grounds (that would be quite a few fights actually – like 5-6) and collect 150 Trophies, and once you have gathered enough, you will be automatically promoted to HQ 1.

Start unlocking the crates

Once you have passed a few stages, you will start receiving crates, which are extremely useful because they will contain useful cards. You will obtain these crates for simply playing the stages, and depending on the type of crate that you get, it will take anything from two hours to several hours to open!

I suggest that you start opening the crates as soon as you receive one, and start by opening the ones which take the least time! That way, if you start opening a crate which would take normally 2 hours, if you play for two hours then you will have the crate unlocked by the time you are done playing.

I suggest that you start to unlock them that way because once you are done playing, right before logging off you can open the chest that’s been unlocking, and start opening another one (which would take more time).

Speed up opening the crates!

Now of course, there is another trick to help you open the crates much faster! This trick will be about you watching an advertisement and speeding up the unlocking process by 30 minutes (per ad watched).

If you don’t mind spending a few seconds (30 seconds at most) of your life to watch an ad, then I really suggest that you do it, because it will speed up the process quite a lot and make quite a big difference!

An advertisement can be watched every 5 minutes, and the effect it has (the 30 minute speed up) will affect all the crates that are currently in the four slots – so if you have four chests that take 2 hours to open each, by watching an advertisement they will all take 1:30 hours to open instead!

If you have the patience, make sure you do this because it will make everything much faster!

Unlock the crates by using Gold: If you are either a premium player who has a ton of Gold and they don’t know what to do with it, or if you are really a little impatient, then you can use the Gold to speed up the process!

However, I don’t suggest this because you should save the Gold to get better Crates and Cards.

Learn your cards’ skills

Each card has different stats and skills, and it’s very important that you learn what each of the cards in your deck do, because that way you will know when to use which cards. Some cards are better than others, but overall there are several types of cards: cars, troops, obstacles, medic units and grenades.

Cars: units which are very fast and can deal a lot of damage.

Troops: normal soldiers which specialize in various types of weapons and will attack the target by reaching it on foot.

Obstacles: as the name suggests, these are defense mechanisms that can block the road and make it more difficult for certain enemy units to reach the base.

Grenades: weapons which you have to aim manually and they can target the enemy troops to help the infantry troops and cars take them down much faster.

Support units: these units (such as the Medic Dog and Fortification buff) will restore HP to the troops (in the case of the Medic Dog) or increase the HP of the HQ and thus making it more tanky (in the case of the Fortification).

I really urge you to read carefully what each of the cards in your deck does, and learn when is the right time to use them, so that you will not waste them during the fights or send them to their own extinction!

Save up the Gold and purchase better Crates

If you head on to the game’s main interface and then check out the Store, then you will notice that there are several types of Crates in the “Crates” section. The point I want to focus on mainly here is the Gold Crates, which can be either an Epic Crate, a Triumphal Crate or a Legendary Crate.

They each have different costs, with the Epic Crate being 250 Gold, the Triumphal Crate 500 Gold and Legendary Crate 1200 Gold. This is what they contain:

Epic Crate: contains 11 Common Cards, 6 Rare Cards, 3 Epic Cards and 300 Money.

Triumphal Crate: contains 11 Common Cards, 11 Rare Cards, 6 Epic Cards and 500 Money.

Legendary Crate: contains 18 Rare Cards, 9 Epic Cards, 5 Legendary Cards and 1000 Money.

I would suggest that you save up the 1200 Gold necessary to buy the Legendary Crate, as the rewards you will get from it are really, really good! Try to do this because the Legendary Cards are going to be worth it!

Claim Free Crates every couple of hours!

Also in the Store next to the other crates, you will find the very first option: Free Crate! This crate is completely free and you can claim it every two hours!

Make sure that you check back every couple of hours to claim it because if you are just at the beginning, you will find that it is going to come in handy quite a bit!

Battle and claim the Victory Crate!

For every 8 battles that you win, you can claim in the Store the Victory Crate, which is also free! Make sure that you battle and claim this because early on in the game it’s going to be useful, since it contains valuable goods!

Complete your Daily Tasks

Every single day you will receive some daily tasks which you should keep an eye on because they will reward you with Money and Gold, and as I mentioned before, the Gold is super valuable!

These Daily Tasks will reset every day, so make sure that if you have a task that you haven’t completed yet, you will check it out and try to finish it before the reset! I suggest doing these quests every single day because they are a sure way to collect Gold and they are not hard to complete.

Build better cards in the Armory

If you want certain cards and you don’t really want to wait until you receive them from the Crates, a sure way to get them (which only applies to certain cards) is by crafting them in the Armory!

Head on there and take a look at all the possible cards (notice that there are several tabs in the bottom side of the screen) belonging to various groups.

If you have collected a certain number of cards which are used to produce a card, then you can start producing it! For example, to make Machine Gunners, you will need to use 4 Grenades and 4 Valentine Tanks!

Take a look at the Armory and if you see anything that you can upgrade / produce, give it a shot!

A few Trench Assault Battle tips and tricks:

I am going to mention here several tips and tricks that have helped me win the battles, and they might help you too!

– Create a deck that has balanced units! Don’t go only with Grenades or tanks or so – have some 1 cost units, as well as more expensive ones – sometimes five 1 cost units will take down a 6 cost unit in a matter of seconds, so keep in mind: higher cost doesn’t mean better unit!

– At the start of the battle don’t begin deploying 1 cost units immediately – wait until you have 3 energy – then you can start deploying a car.

– Try waiting for the enemy to make the first move, because that way you will see in which of the three lanes they will send their troops first, so you can send your own to intercept them!

– Try sending units on all 3 lanes – at first send infantry troops, then send cars! Chances are the enemy will have a difficult time handling all 3 lanes at once with their energy pool, so you probably will not have any enemies intercepting your troops on at least 1 lane.

– Always send troops to intercept the enemy’s. Send several 1 cost troops because even if they die, the energy will recharge quickly and you can send more and more.

These would be all of our Trench Assault tips and tricks that we have gathered so far! Do you know some more useful game tips and battle strategies? Share them with us down in the comments section below!

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Trench Assault Cheats: Tips & Guide to Defeat All Opponents & Win the Battles

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