Violet is having a bit of a problem – she cannot wake up. It was like any other day, and quiet little Violet was just trying to sleep her troubles away. Normally that works, but for Violet… she just ended up stuck in her own dreams.

Waking Violet is a top-down adventure game where you must guide Violet out of her bizarre dream worlds. Getting back to the real world will require Violet to solve puzzles, dodge dangerous traps, and master powerful magic.

Violet is just like any other girl. She’s a bit shy but she wants to be mature for her age, and there is something about her dreams that are linked to her desire to grow up. As everyone knows though, dreams can mean anything, and there is more than meets the eye.

Waking Violet is packed with 42 challenging levels that will test your thinking capabilities and your reflexes. Along your journey, Violet will collect mana and with enough she will be able to learn magic spells. These spells will manipulate the world around, so use them well.

Should Violet meet an untimely end, you can simply bend time to your will. Waking Violet features a rewind mechanic that lets you undo any mistakes that you may have made. This keep things challenging while helping players get back into the action faster.

Waking Violet is dreaming up an adventure and is available now on the iOS App Store.


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