For Rehtona, it was just another day. She woke up and went into town to meet up her buddies. Suddenly, the world began to fall apart – literally! Fragments of the town flew into the air, and all of a sudden she finds herself alone, save for a mysterious door…

Rehtona is an all new puzzle platformer featuring gorgeous pixel art, with a splash on anime style. Players must help Rehtona on her journey to return home and to figure out the mystery behind the parallel dimension.

To piece together the truth of the constant question of “finding yourself,” Rehtona must travel through various words, solving a variety of puzzles along the way. Push blocks to interfere with lasers, create stepping stones, and so forth.

When you are dealing with multiple worlds, it isn’t that easy, however. Whatever you do in one world will affect the other, and many of Rehtona’s puzzles rely on the player thinking about how their actions in one world changes things in the other.

Will you help Rehtona discover the truth? Rehtona is available now on the App Store for 2.99 USD.

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