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Training Hero Guide: Tips & Cheats to Get Stronger Fast

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A brand new mobile RPG that focuses on grinding and upgrading a character is Training Hero: Always focuses on training. I guess that the name itself tells you everything about the game before you even launch it!

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I am here today to help you get better at this game. This means that I’m sharing with you a bunch of Training Hero tips and cheats to help you unlock better gear fast and develop your hero into a real champion.

A lot of grinding is required, as you probably know already – but let’s check out this complete guide to learn everything there is to be learned about the game. Here are the Training Hero: Always focuses on training tips you were looking for:

Go for gear synergies

Training Hero Tips: Gear Synergies

One of the most important things in the game is the existence of gear synergies. This means that if you equip two or more gear items of the same type, you get various bonuses, like the ones listed below:

  • Defensive stance: DEF increases by %
  • Evil Energy: % chance to trigger with each attack
  • Mangling: ATK Speed increases by %
  • Fighting Spirit of Victory: HP Increased by %

There are more synergy effects available in the game, some of them better than others – but any is better than randomly equipping items without considering synergies.

While the biggest bonuses from wearing the entire set (star levels don’t matter, so you can have a 3 star and a 4 star item and still get the synergy bonus), sometimes mixing and matching 2 synergies works even better.

I personally like to aim for a defensive and offensive synergy mix, like Defensive Stance + Mangling.

Always equip the best items available

It goes without saying that, synergies apart, the items that you equip need to be the highest star rating available and give you the best bonuses they can.

However, don’t look at the base stats of an item only: they all have a unique ability that can be triggered every now and then, with some better than others (the Stun ability, for example, is really useful!)

But in all cases, a higher star item will be much better than a lower star item, even with synergy bonuses and unique skills considered.

Training Hero Tips Upgrades

Constantly combine lower star items

A good thing about Training Hero: Always focuses on training is that you won’t end up with thousands of useless items in your inventory as you go up the stages.

Instead, you will be able to combine your items in order to make better ones: for every 4 items of a lower rarity that you combine, you get 1 items with an extra star rating.

Focus on doing this always, making it your goal to reach the highest possible level of stars (6 at the moment) as fast as possible. Never hoard up low level items, as they are useless!

Increase your VIP level for free

Training Hero comes with a VIP level that gives you all sort of benefits. The higher the level, the better and you should make it your personal goal to reach VIP level 6 as soon as possible.

While you can really get the VIP level up instantly through in-app purchases, you can also do so by earning Diamonds in the game for free.

Not all free Diamonds that you get increase your VIP level (for example, Diamonds obtained through watching video ads don’t count), but those earned during the regular stages do.

So find the ones where you can farm diamonds easily (Elite Training Ground 2-1, for example) and work on getting your VIP level as high as possible in order to make progress through the game a lot easier.

Training Hero Guide

Upgrade your skills and use them in the right order

Your hero has five skills in the game, some of them more useful than the others (when it comes to upgrading them). Also, using them in the correct order in battle is vital.

Basically, there are two skills that you should use at the right time: Buff (the final skill you unlock) which gives you an Attack boost, so make sure to activate it before any other skill in order to increase their power; and Healing which should obviously be used only when your character is low on health.

Do take into account the state of your enemy and the number of waves remaining: if your opponent has just a bit of health left and you have one or more waves incoming, it makes no sense to use a skill to take them out. Instead, wait for the new enemy and use the skill ASAP on them.

How to upgrade your skills

While all skills are better than your regular attacks, some are more important than others simply because they deal more damage or are more helpful overall.

I recommend you to focus on upgrading your skills in this order: Duel, Healing, Buff, Extreme and Nuking.

In order to get the items required to upgrade your skills, simply tap the enhancement you want to unlock and then the material you need, to find out which stage must be completed over and over again until you have enough for the upgrade.

Grind like there’s no tomorrow!

This is a game where grinding and beating levels over and over and over again is the main way to play and you’ll hit that grinding wall very fast.

The good news is that you have a few options to make the grinding easier: for starters, you can auto complete stages that you already defeated (but it depends on how many Elimination scrolls you have).

Training Hero Mobile Game Cheats

However, you can enable a mixture of auto fighting and infinite replaying of the same stage, which will not require any attention from you: just activate these two and the game will complete the stage over and over again, automatically, until you run out of energy (or are defeated).

The game’s autoplay feature is pretty random and weak, but easy to beat stages should be no problem for it.

Join a guild for increased benefits

As you go up the levels, you unlock additional content in the game – usually new game modes that bring some extra challenge and ways for you to collect more loot.

One extremely useful feature is the Guild one, where you can get a lot of goodies by being active and spending regular currency. Make sure that you join a strong guild with active members in order to get the most out of it.

Get free diamonds

You will need to spend a lot of Diamonds (which are the game’s premium currency) in order to progress, but fortunately the game also offers you a lot of diamonds for free, especially early on.

There are various ways to get free diamonds, either as a recurrent bonus or a one-time rewards:

  • complete daily missions (look at the rewards, as some – like the early mission requiring you to pick items – will basically cover the costs of completing them, if not offering you even more diamonds as a reward)
  • link your account (access youar profile in the upper left corner to link accounts)
  • grab free diamonds from the Album (you get them for each new item you unlock!)
  • watch ads for free diamonds – either from the top left corner for 5 ads (unlimited) or from the store (50 diamonds every 6 hours)
  • perform better and rank among the top players in the various stages and events

This would be it for our Training Hero guide today. If you have additional tips and trick to share with fellow players, don’t hesitate to share your comments below for us all to see them.

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Training Hero Guide: Tips & Cheats to Get Stronger Fast

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