Train Taxi is a train puzzle game where you direct a train around that needs to pick up all the passengers. It is a fun combination of the classic game “Snake” with modern day puzzle games.

The more passengers you pick up, the longer your train gets, so you will need to plan your route to avoid collision! Our Train Taxi cheats and tips will show you how to beat all the levels and unlock lots of new trains!

Train Taxi is a fun little puzzle game that is not too demanding, but there are some levels that will really challenge your spatial awareness. Let’s get started with our Train Taxi cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to beat all levels!

Study the level before you start moving!

The key to Train Taxi is to plan out your moves before you start putting your train in motion. You need to go around the entire track and pick up all of the passengers in order to complete the level.

However, you cannot just go around without planning your route first! Every time you pick up passengers, additional cars will appear at the end of your train. If you collide with yourself, you will have to reset the level!

Watch for highways!

In some levels, you may notice that some parts of the track are raised. These highways actually do make your train go over the rest of the tracks, and they are useful for looping around in certain areas when your train has gotten really long.

Keep an eye out for these highways because they can help you out in a jam, and sometimes you will be required to pass through them at least once.

Grab the golden keys!

Some levels contain golden keys lying around. Be sure to grab them, as when you collect a total of three you will be able to open a prize box containing coins and sometimes even new trains!

Make sure to grab the key before you finishing picking up all of the passengers though, because the level will complete and you will not be able to go back and pick up the key.

Close calls can win you the level!

You might find yourself in situations where you only have a few passengers left to pick up but any move you make will run you straight into yourself. You should know that the level completes as soon as you pick up the last level, so we have had many close calls where our train was on a collision course with itself.

That is okay though, because you will be fine as long as that is the last passenger to pick up! If you are in this situation, just keep that in mind.

That’s all for Train Taxi! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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