There’s something literally magical in being a wizard and it has nothing to do with being able to summon the forces of nature against your enemies. It’s more like being feared and revered everywhere you go.

This is probably an exaggeration but if you have always dreamed about training some powerful wizards and take over the world or simply do some good deeds with your powers, you’ll be able to do so in the upcoming free to play simulation game Prestige.

In Prestige players will take the role of the headmaster of a glorious Wizard Academy, making sure that everything in your school goes smoothly. The game will feature an overhead view that will give you a good idea on the academy’s many activities. You’ll always have to stay on your toes to ensure that both students and professors are performing at their best.

Prestige is also going to feature some role playing games like missions where your students will finally be able to put into practice what they have learned. During these sections, the game will play like a turn based role playing game where you’ll be able to equip your wizards with various items and even summon a spirit guardian to help during the fights. Not all missions will be combat based, giving the game more variety.

Prestige is a free to play title that will soon be available for download on the App Store. The publisher Loqheart has yet to announce a final release date: we’ll let you know once the game becomes officially available for download.