If racing is your thing, but need more help in the endless driver game Traffic Racer, you are driving right into our Traffic Racer Cheats: Tips and Tricks guide, which will help you make the best out of this nice and addicting game.

In Traffic Racer, you will be driving endlessly with some real life cars. The cars have received some name changes and alterations but are easily recognizable if you take a long and focused look at them. The gameplay experience of Traffic Racer is quite simplye but it’s really addictive, just like pretty much all other well developed endless runner games.

  • Obtaining Coins

In Traffic Racer, you obtain coins depending on how far you manage to go, how many close shaves you perform at over 100 KPH and how long you can keep going at above 100 KPH. By combining the three conditions you will be able to earn quite a lot of points. It’s also possible to chain close shaves together, so that you can earm up to 700 points pr shave.

Playing Two-Way mode adds another condition that will make you earn more money than before. The longer you go in the wrong way, the more coins you will earn so consider playing this mode if you’re after some extra coins.

  • Upgrades

As several others endless runner games, Traffic Racer features an upgrade system which allows you to improve your cars by spending coins obtained during the game. The speed upgrade is probably the most important upgrade, since it will help you go a longer distance and earn more coins. Handling is also quite useful, but it’s easy to make do even without upgrading it. Brakes are probably the less useful upgrade, as they’re pretty good even at the base level.

  • Time Trial

Time Trial mode is another good way to earn some extra coins, especially if you’re skilled at the game. Each run in Time Trial will only last 60 seconds and you won’t lose by crashing. At the same time it’s also possible to increase time limit if you can avoid traffic, making a single run even more profitable.





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