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Towers of Everland Guide: Tips & Cheats To Playing Each Class Like a Pro

Towers of Everland Guide: Tips & Cheats To Playing Each Class Like a Pro
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Mysterious towers have begun to rise out of the ground in the world of Everland. No one knows where they came from, but hostile monsters have started to pour out of them, terrorizing the land. Adventurers from across the land have been called in to find a way to put an end to the towers… will you be the one to conquer the towers?

Towers of Everland is a first-person dungeon crawler that hearkens back to classic computer RPGs. Explore and fight with a robust combat system, and survive your way to the top of the towers to find shiny loot.

In our Towers of Everland tips and tricks, we will go over the combat system and how to perform both basic and advanced techniques. We will also thoroughly explain how to get the most out of each class, so let’s get started with our Towers of Everland cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to playing each class like a pro!

Choosing your Class

When you start a new game in Towers of Everland, you must choose one of the four heroes to play as. They are Flynn the City Guard, Kronk the Stone Golem, Odessa the Mage, and Diego the Rogue.

If you are playing through the game for the first time, we recommend choosing either Flynn or Kronk as your heroes. They have the most straightforward playstyles and they are easy to adapt to.

Odessa and Diego are the more advanced heroes, and in the right hands they can deal some serious damage, but they also come with more weaknesses. Get comfortable with the other two before you decide to choose one of these two heroes.

You can have multiple save slots, so do not worry if you pick a character you do not like; you can always choose another hero and you can come back to your old heroes if you have second thoughts.

Flynn, the Stalwart City Guard

Difficulty: Easy

Our first section will cover playing as Flynn, the City Guard. He is your basic melee knight jack-of-all-trades character, and his main way of dispatching foes is to tackle them head on and fight them in one-on-one duels.


Flynn prefers to use heavy martial weapons, which includes things like swords, maces, axes, and spears. He gains bonus armor whenever he wears heavy armor like chain mail and the like.

Flynn can also equip shields and smaller weapons in his offhand slot, but we recommend sticking with a shield as it gives you the perfect balance between offense and defense.

Combat Strategy

As Flynn, your combat strategy should be rushing up to foes and taking them out with heavy attacks. Heavy attacks are performed by holding down the attack button, and since each point of Strength will increase heavy attacks’ power, this should be your primary attack.

Block attacks by holding the left button, and this will reduce the damage you take. The amount of damage reduces depends on the strength of the shield. You can also perform a perfect block by blocking an attack just as it is about to hit you, which completely nullifies the damage and reduces the stamina cost.

Each attack that you block normally depletes your stamina, and if you run out you will be left wide open, so keep an eye on your stamina. Your stamina also drains naturally as you hold up your shield.

Flynn can also perform a shield bash by double tapping the left button in quick succession. A shield bash consumes all stamina, but slightly staggers enemies. Landing a shield bash right when an enemy is about to attack will cause them to be stunned, as indicated by the purple icon below their health.

When enemies are stunned, they cannot perform any action for a few seconds. Plus, any attack made against them will be an automatic critical hit!

We recommend practicing the timing because if you can get it down, shield stunning enemies and heavy attacking for the guaranteed critical hit deals MASSIVE damage!

Stats and Talents

Flynn’s primary stats are Strength. Strength increases physical damage, heavy attack damage, carry weight, and heavy armor bonus. Constitution will increase his maximum health and stun resistance, which is always helpful.

His secondary stat can be Dexterity, but only if you want to focus on combo attacks. He does get some talents to help with this build (see below), but our favorite build for him is Strength heavy attacks with martial weapons.

If you really want to, you can pump points into Intelligence and even do some spellslinging as Flynn. His stats are adaptive, so it is possible, but why not just play as Odessa?

Flynn’s talents are interesting in the sense that a lot of them make him focused on spears, which gives him a surprising amount of defense. The level 10 talent “Phalanx” allows him to hold up his shield indefinitely while using a spear, allowing for safe poking damage.

“Piercing Thrusts” allows for longer combos while using a spear, and “Flying Lunge” lets him attack far tiles using a spear. The spear-oriented build is a great mix between offense and defense, while the other talents focus on building up his natural abilities like heavy armor and martial weapon bonuses.

Kronk, the Cursed Stone Golem

Difficulty: Easy

Kronk was once a City Guard like Flynn, until one day he was struck by a witch’s magical curse. The curse encased his entire body in rock, and eventually it will take over his entire being, turning him into a soulless golem. He ascends the towers in search of a cure.


Kronk is basically Flynn if taken to the extreme. Kronk uses martial weapons just like Flynn, however he lacks the adaptiveness that Flynn has – Kronk actually has negative stats with finesses weapons and light and medium armor, so he should stick to what he knows.

Because of this, you want to stay clear of things like daggers and any armor that is not heavy armor. You can try to offset this with stats but it just is not worth it.

Combat Strategy

As a melee fighter, Kronk’s playstyle is very similar to Flynn’s. His main strength is being able to take enemies head on and beat them in submission with powerful heavy attacks.

Just like Flynn, Kronk gets a passive bonus to heavy attacks, so he should be doing them as much as possible. Since you are going to be carrying a shield around at all times, that also means you can take advance of perfect blocking and shield bashing to stun enemies to setup for an automatic critical hit.

There really is not much else to say here – if you want a straightforward experience where you get to bash your foes into a gruesome mess, Kronk is your guy!

Stats and Talents

As Kronk you should be putting points only into Strength and Constitution. Strength ups his melee physical damage, heavy attack damage, and carry weight. Constitution always helps too for the health increase, even though Kronk has a massive health pool to begin with.

His level 10 talent “Stun Smash” makes stunned enemies take even more damage than they already do. This talent is an absolute must and if you can get the shield bash timing down, as Stun Smash allows for probably the strongest single-hit attack in the entire game.

The level 20 talent “Fortress” makes it so that Kronk can equip heavy shields with minimal carry weight impact, greatly boosting his defensive capabilities.

Couple this with the level 30 talent “Heart of Fire” which deals fire damage periodically to enemies near Kronk, and you can turn him into a walking, immolating fortress.

Finally, to top this all off, both of his level 40 talents involve bolstering his defenses. “Attunement” increases his elemental resistances, while “Harden” gives a 50% armor increase. Either way, you are building Kronk to be an unstoppable force of nature. This is why we recommend him for beginners!

Odessa, the Enigmatic Mage

Difficulty: Medium

Odessa, like many mages, is in constant search for knowledge and power. Her personal quest for more power has led her to the Towers of Everland where she ascends the towers in search of more power to wield against her foes.


Odessa is strictly a mage, meaning she is going to use staves and spellbooks to help with her spell-casting. She has negative stats with both finesse and martial weapons, so she should stick to using only staves.

Like any typical mage, she prefer light robes so that they do not get in the way of her spell-casting. Odessa gains bonus armor from light armor and negative stats from medium and heavy armor.

Combat Strategy

By using heavy attacks with a staff equipped, Odessa can launch powerful elemental bolts forward, and they travel until they hit an obstacle or wall.

Because of this, her best approach to combat is to simply snipe enemies from a safe distance. Her elemental spells do quite a bit of damage, so it is easy to pick off foes when they cannot retailiate.

You should be keeping your distance regardless, as light armor does not offer much protection and Odessa’s maximum health pool is very low. If she gets caught by multiple enemies it could mean trouble, so take care not to get flanked.

She performs the best in wide open spaces where there is nothing blocking her sight, but suffers a bit in cramped, tight corridors. Try to lure enemies into tunnels to single them out and pick them off one by one.

You do not have to worry about this early on, but every enemy has a specific elemental weakness. If you have a staff of that element, you cna deal increased damage!

In a pinch, Odessa can use combo attacks at close range to deal decent damage. Her spellbooks allow her to block as well, but they do not offer much protection and she cannot shield bash with them.

Stats and Talents

Odessa’s primary stat is Intelligence, which boosts her spell damage and light armor bonus. Much like Kronk, just about everything else is in the negatives so there is no point to boosting Strength and Dexterity.

A couple points into Constitution are helpful as well, as Odessa needs all of the health she can get to avoid being too fragile.

Her talents focus on either boosting her elemental powers or her defensive capabilities. The level 10 talent “Book Ward” increases the damage reduction for her spellbooks, and “Dire Arcana” increase her elemental damage by 10%.

Her level 40 talent “Aether Step” deserves special mention. This talent allows Odessa to perform her own kind of shield bash and also move backwards at the same time. It is a pretty unique move and you can do this by double tapping the left button.

Diego, the Treasure Hunting Rogue

Difficulty: Hard

Of course, the Tower of Everland contains riches that would blow the common man’s mind. Many treasure seekers have braved the towers, but few have ever returned. Diego is unlike your typical street rat – he is a refined and agile hunter, and he is willing to bet everything to steal the treasure that the towers are hiding.


As Diego, your main strength is deftness and agility, so he wants light and fast finesse weapons like daggers. Diego can equip daggers in both hands unlike the other characters, and this allows for some high-risk, high-reward combat options.

He will also want to stick with medium armor, as he has negative stats in both light and heavy armor. A Rogue wants to stay agile, but they also need protection too!

Combat Strategy

Diego is probably the hardest yet most rewarding character to play thanks to his twitch-based combat style. Diego is the one character that benefits the most from combo attacks, so rapid attacks are his forte.

When you attack, the cooldown bar will begin to refill to signify when you can attack again. A portion of this bar is yellow – attacking again when the meter is in the yellow area will result in a combo attack, and you can chain multiple combo attacks together for a deadly combo.

Diego has a natural bonus to combo attacks, so this should be your go-to attack for taking down enemies. The catch to this is that Diego can also attack with his offhand dagger, and if you are nimble enough you can pull off some crazy combo attacks.

Diego’s only form of defense is to parry. If you attack an enemy with your offhand dagger, they will stagger momentarily, just like a regular shield bash would do.

You will need to be quick with your fingers to fight effectively as Diego, as you need to keep up with your combo attacks while parrying the enemies to ensure that you do not take too much damage.

His playstyle is the hardest but it is also the most rewarding. He easily has the potential to have the highest DPS out of all the characters in the game but only if you can master his style of fast attacks.

Stats and Talents

Diego’s primary stat is Dexterity, as this will pump up his finesse damage, combo damage, and also armor piercing. This will help him get through the beefier enemies with higher defense.

He is a bit squisher just like Odessa as well, so some points into Constitution will help with his defense.

His level 10 talent “Shadow Walk” reduces the chance of nearby enemies detecting you, and this is probably one of his best talents. If you attack an enemy from behind, it will automatically crit, and with this talent you can sneak up on enemies much easier.

His level 20 talent “Ricochet” allows his parry maneuver to stun enemies just like a well-timed shield bash can. This talent is also pretty much a requirement due to how much you are going to be parrying as Diego.

His level 40 talent “Piercing Blows” allows Diego to completely ignore physical armor, allowing him to do full damage to just about any monster in the game. With this talnet Diego becomes a master assassin and nothing will be able to stand in his way!

Change up your Stats

It is important to keep in mind that you can change your stats and talents at any point by going to the stats screen and tapping the little circular arrow button. This will refund all of your stat points, letting you respec your character at will.

You can also do this with talents. You can pick one talent per tier, and you can switch between them whenever you want. Do not feel like you are tied to one spec – try other things out and see how they work for you!

And that is all for our guide on each class in Towers of Everland. You now know how to conquer as each playable class, so get out there and fight! If you have any other tips to add, let us know in the comments below!

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