Tower of Fantasy Honeyed Fruit Juice Recipe Guide


There are many interesting RPGs that you can find in the modern game industry and if you want to explore a sci-fi world then you could try Tower of Fantasy. This project allows you to visit lots of exciting places and even cook some food. It seems that these dishes are valuable and they give you some bonuses. So, in this guide, we will tell you Honeyed Fruit Juice Recipe in Tower of Fantasy.

What Is Honeyed Fruit Juice in Tower of Fantasy

Honeyed Fruit Juice is a valuable drink that you can cook and use in Tower of Fantasy. It allows you to recover 12% + 3,300 HP if you use it. Also, it is able to restore 300 Stamina. So, you may want to know how to cook it and we will help you.

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How to Cook Honeyed Fruit Juice in Tower of Fantasy

Honeyed Fruit Juice has a simple recipe. In order to cook it, you will need to use any cooking robot. However, before you will be able to make this dish you will have to learn its recipe. Here is the list of all ingredients for Honeyed Fruit Juice:

  • x1 Honey
  • x2 Fallen Fruit
  • x1 Carbonated Water

How to Get Ingredients for Honeyed Fruit Juice in Tower of Fantasy

In order to cook Honeyed Fruit Juice, you will need to get a few ingredients. They are relatively easy to find but if you have some problems then we will try to help you. Here is the list of all locations for these ingredients:

  • Honey – Can be dropped by bees or found in beehives.
  • Fallen Fruit – Can be found near trees in Astra or Banges.
  • Carbonated Water – Can be found in Food Vendors in Astra, Banges, and Mirroria.

There are lots of different dishes that you can cook in this game and we will be glad if our guide will help you to make Honeyed Fruit Juice. Good luck with your journey in Tower of Fantasy!

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Tower of Fantasy Honeyed Fruit Juice Recipe Guide


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