Star Wars: Galactic Defense, a new tower defense game based on the Star Wars franchise developed by DeNa, is now available for download on the App Store. The game is a pretty standard tower defense game, where players have to deploy troops and upgrade turrets to defend their base against Stormtroopers and other enemies.

The Star Wars license obviously makes a quite common gameplay experience better. Players will be able to choose wheter to fight for the light or dark side, a decision that ultimately influences the characters you can deploy. Fighting for the light side will allow you to choose characters like Luke Skywalker and Han Solo while fighting for the dark side will allow you to use Darth Vader and others.

One area where Star Wars: Galactic Defense isn’t lacking is content. The game includes a lot of stages, turret types, powers and characters. All the content of the game has been taken from both the original and the prequel movies so there’s really a lot of stuff in the game.

Star Wars: Galactic Defense is now available for free on the App Store. The game is a rather basic tower defense game but the Star Wars license definitely makes it stand out from the competion.




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