It’s the wackiest game of “red light, green light” you have ever seen! Touch the Wall is an .io styled game where you race other players on an ocean side course. The first person to reach the wall all the way at the end wins, but beware – there is a person there that controls when you can and cannot move by the classic rules of red light, green light! Our Touch the Wall cheats and tips will show you how to beat the competition!

Touch the Wall is a quick and fun game to pick up easily, so let’s show you how to win all of your races in our Touch the Wall cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Make sure to stop before the red light comes!

To reach the wall, your character will start to run automatically towards it. You can stop them from moving at any time by tapping and holding, and they will stay still until you let go.

Periodically, the person at the wall will turn around with a red cone after their countdown finishes – you want make sure to be completely still when that red cone hits you, otherwise you will be sent back to the last checkpoint!

Keep in mind that your character does not stop right away upon lifting your finger. Just like in real life, your character will have forward momentum and it will take them a second to come to a complete stop. You CAN be caught in this time, so be careful!

Watch out for the obstacles!

You might get the hang of it quickly, but each level has new obstacles for you to avoid! Giant boxing gloves that will punch you right into the sea, red blocks that impede your progress – this obstacle course has it all, and you have to learn how each one works!

Thankfully there will not be many situations where you will need to learn how something works right away, so be sure to keep an eye out in front of you to learn the movements of new obstacles.

Patience is a virtue!

Like they always say, haste makes waste! You may be tempted to try to rush and squeeze in as much movement time as possible, but we highly recommend taking your time and being extra careful while moving.

If you rush, there is a greater chance you are going to mess something up, and you will end up wasting more time than if you had just gone a little slower.

Keep an eye on the cone!

On some levels, there will be so many obstacles that the sign at the wall is blocked and you will not really be able to see what it says. When this happens, you will need to rely on watching the red cone.

As soon as you see it start to rotate, immediately stop moving. The levels that are set up like this are pretty tricky but you can do it!

Do not watch the other players!

You might get anxious if you look at the other players, so we do not recommend looking at them. Do not worry about where they are! Rather, just focus on yourself and concentrate on making it through the course and you should be fine. Worrying about the others will only make you more likely to mess up!

That’s all for Touch the Wall! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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