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Totally Reliable Delivery Service Walkthrough: Completing All Demo Deliveries

Totally Reliable Delivery Service Walkthrough: Completing All Demo Deliveries
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When you need an important item delivered to you that may or may not actually get there, then T.R.D.S is the service for you! Totally Reliable Delivery Service is a new physics-based action game where you work as an employee of one of the most infamous delivery services out there! Use strange gadgets, improvised tools, and more to deliver your packages on time!

In our Totally Reliable Delivery tips and tricks guide, we will go over all of the deliveries in the free version of the game. We will give you some pointers on working with the physics of the game, and how to complete all the deliveries. Here is our Totally Reliable Delivery Service tips and cheats strategy guide to completing all demo deliveries!

Basic Controls

The controls in this game a little funky at first, so we will help you get used to them. You have four main actions buttons, and they are all tied to your right or left arm. You can raise an arm, or grab something.

The bottom two hand buttons are grabbing things. If you tap one of them, your character will reach out with that respective arm, and if it collides with any object you will feel haptic feedback to let you know that you are now holding that object. If it is a box or something, you can drag it around with you. Use both hands for the most stability!

When you are holding onto an object that can be pushed or pulled, another virtual joystick will appear near your action buttons. You can drag this around as if you are moving to simulate the moving of your arm – this is how you operate levers and switches and the like.

When you are holding an object in your hands, you can tap on the hand buttons again to release the object. You can also tap to raise your arms up, which can help you lift boxes and stuff onto higher ledges.

You can also jump and dive. Diving sends your character forward with a lot of momentum, but there is a good chance you will be knocked out when you hit the ground. It is helpful for crossing gaps though!

Walkthrough for All Demo Deliveries

First Timer

When you first start the game, you will see a delivery machine in front of you. Grab the lever on the side of the machine to start the delivery! This serves as a tutorial delivery, so go ahead and take the package over the drop off point right in front you.

We should take this time to also explain the ranking system. Each delivery is scored in one of two ways: either by time or by condition of the package. The faster you complete the delivery or the safer you are with the package, the better the reward. You will unlock more cosmetic customization options for your character if you perform better!

First Timer is a timed one, so you need to move the package to the delivery chute as fast as possible. Even though it is right there, this is still surprisingly hard. Grab the package as soon as it spawns and dash over to the chute!

Whenever you are done trying this one, the next delivery spot will be marked on your HUD.

My Chippy

This is the first fragile box you will be dealing with, so make sure to take your time on this one. Any sudden movements to the box will reduce its condition, so be careful with it. Load it onto the yellow pickup truck and get in.

Operate the lever to start driving the truck. Be sure to take it slow and not hit anything on the way there. Thankfully, you only have to go a few meters to the drop off point.

Dinner Time

This one is another fragile delivery. This time you are delivering food to a hungry family that lives on the hillside, so load up the yellow truck and start driving. We should warn you now about the manhole covers on the road – if you drive over one of these, it will erupt and send your car flying. Be careful not to drive over them!

Extra Staples

Another simple fragile delivery. The office needs some staplers and staples, so go ahead and load up the truck and drive down the road straight ahead, as it will take you right to the office building.

Lights Out

This one is pretty easy to. City Hall needs more light bulbs, and you are only 100 meters away from City Hall once you pick up the delivery request. You can just grab the box and run over to City Hall if you do not want to bother with loading up the truck.

T. P. Emergency

This one is a timed mission, so get ready. A house has ran out of toilet paper, and they need more stat! This is the first delivery where you are dealing with a heavy crate that cannot be easily lifted by yourself.

So, the game will supply a purple forklift when you start the delivery. Move the crate into an easy to reach position, then get into the forklift. Lower the fork all the way down, then slide it underneath the crate using the right lever. The left lever drives the forklift. Once you have the crate secure, it all comes down to driving to the house. Remember to watch out for the manholes!

Gone Fishing

Back to easy fragile deliveries. The boats need more fishing supplies, so drive on down to the beach with the box in your truck. Watch out for the fences and shrubs on your way down and you should be perfectly fine.

Launcher Pro 1

This one is a little tricky and plenty wacky! For this delivery, you need to launch a giant fish onto a delivery chute on the side of a building way up high. To accomplish this, you will be granted access to the blue conveyor belt truck.

When you start the delivery, the truck will already be in the perfect position to launch the fish. All you need to do is hop on it, then use the conveyor belt controls. The right lever controls the angle of the belt, so make sure to aim it kind of high, like a 45 degree angle.

The left lever controls the speed of the belt. Crank it up all the way for a very fast belt, then grab the fish and place it on the belt. If you have done everything right, the fish will immediately launch high into the sky and land into the delivery chute. If your fish lands too short or goes over the building, try adjusting your angle accordingly.

Training Day 1

This one might get recommended to you too late in the game, as it did for us, but here it is regardless. Training Day 1 is a simple training delivery that lets you fiddle around with a forklift. You can use this delivery for practice if you need.

Sky High

The final challenge of the demo, and the most difficult delivery! Your objective is to load up a helicopter with an explosive barrel and deliver it to the top of a building. Why an explosive barrel you may ask. That, we do not know.

The left lever controls the speed of your rotor blades and your steers your helicopter. Move it all the way up to spin the rotors at max speed, and move left and right to turn in that direction.

The right lever tilts the helicopter and this is the trickiest part about controlling this thing. To go straight up, simply move the left lever up all the way, then slightly move to the left or right to steer. To move forward, tilt the right lever up a little bit to point the nose of the helicopter down to propel yourself forward.

Ease up on the right lever when you want to level yourself out. You can also roll to the left or right, though it is a rather dangerous maneuver and it can easily shake your barrel off of the helicopter.

This delivery is very hard, so take as much time as you need for your first try. Get a feel for the helicopter before you try to go for a gold, as you will need to do this delivery very fast. With enough patience and practice, you will complete it!

And with that, you have conquered all of the deliveries in the Totally

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Totally Reliable Delivery Service Walkthrough: Completing All Demo Deliveries


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