Torque Drift is an all-new drift racer that lets you build a car from the ground up and take it online, where you will face off against other players in intense drift battles full of high-octane turns and stunts.

Torque Drift is all about controlling your vehicle with just the right amount of adjustments, so our Torque Drift cheats and tips will show you how to build your car, get down the drifting system, and become a pro drifter!

Torque Drift is a fairly complex game at first. Do not give up though! Hang in there, get a feel for the controls, and our Torque Drift cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide will show you the way!

Master the drifting system!

Before you can get anywhere in Torque Drift, you need to have a good handle on the drift system. It is very intricate, as you can tell from the extended tutorial, but once you get the hang of it you will be a drift pro in no time. Remember that you need to control your angle using a combination of the steering wheel and your accelerate.

We found it more helpful to use light taps when controlling your angle. Turning too hard in one direction can result in a spin out or unintentional drift switch at the wrong time. Tap lightly to control your angle and make sure you hold it steady. Once you get a good feel for this and you can maintain a steady drift for a reasonable amount of time, you are ready to go!

Try out Practice mode!

However, you might feel like you need a little more time on the road before you are ready to take on other players in live drift battles. If this is the case, then practice mode is for you!

Here you get to free roam on any course you like, without the pressures of time or another opponent. You even earn points which are converted into cash for you to spend, even though it is not a lot.

However, practice mode is great for one thing, and that is unlocking new sponsors. Speaking of which…

Equip many sponsors!

Sponsors are real-life sponsors that can help boost your popularity! You start off at the beginning with Grease Monkey Games as your first sponsors (the creators of the game) and you can unlock more if you meet certain conditions. The tree splits into two paths from there, so you will need to make sure you keep track of the unlock conditions.

Many of the sponsors need to be unlocked by performing a specific trick enough times. For example, the first sponsor is unlock by simply drifting for 50m. Once unlocked, you can equip a sponsor.

You can have up to three sponsors at a time. Sponsors are good because from the time you equip them, they start to generate bullion for you, the premium currency of the game. After several hours have passed, you can pick up the bullion for free!

Drift with style!

Those tricks you are pulling off in practice mode to unlock sponsors? Those are not just for show – they net you extra points, and they are the key to getting good scores when going up against other players. Things like Clipping Zones, Wall Taps, Close Calls, and more will increase your drift multiplier making them worth more points.

Beating your online opponent is a combination of stable drifting mixed in with some fancy tricks here and there. When it is not your turn to chase your opponent, you also need to stay close and tandem drive with them to get bonus points.

Order new parts!

Once you have won a few events against other players, you should be able to afford new parts. Some of the new parts can be pretty pricey, but the upgrades are worth it. With more HP, more control, and better tyres, you will be able to drift like no tomorrow.

Keep in mind that parts need to be delivered to you after you purchase them unless you pay the expedited shipping fee with bullions.

That’s all for Torque Drift! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


  1. Wassup!!! people on the internet I love this game awesome competition with other players, I got the bmw e46 m3 and I was wondering if any of you guys have tips for getting “drift king 2” things like the engines and rims
    Please lmk


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