Everyone likes a present. And developer IGG.com understand this all too well – as it’s announced a co-promotion with Google Play that means you can get your hands on free in-game items for Lords Mobile.

Awesome boxes – which contain these free items – can be unlocked in the title after redeeming the codes from Google Play gift-cards bought in relevant high street stores.

Items up for grabs include gems, VIP points, Frostwing chests, Speed up tokens, and other resources. Not too shabby.

For US users, to get all these items and more you just have to purchase a Google Play gift card valued at over USD 20 or more at 7-Eleven or Family Dollar stores. You can grab the vouchers in Family Dollar now, but please note that the 7-Eleven promotion runs from the 1st to the 31st of September.

If you’re based elsewhere just check the official Lords Mobile site here for more details on how to get involved though.

It’s worth getting involved too, as for two years now Lords Mobile has been lording it over the app stores and dominating the multiplayer strategy RPG genre. It has 150 million players globally, an Android Excellence Award, an impressive 4.4 / 5 rating on Google Play, and many more accolades besides.

The backstory to the gameplay happened a long time ago in a Ancient kingdom.  The Emperor of your magical kingdom has died, leaving behind a swarm of noblemen and noblewomen fighting it out for power and influence in the resulting vacuum. Also, to make life even trickier, some monsters have shown up.

You play as one of these lords or ladies, sending your armies out to conquer territory and defend your strongholds. It’s a frantic war of all against all, and completely brilliant.

So check out Lords Mobile by downloading it for free on Google Play (and the App Store!) now.


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