Top 15 Best Roblox Shooter Games of 2023

This guide will tell you about the top 15 Roblox shooter games of 2023.

We have the best Roblox shooter games of the year for you, all gathered into one article for your reading pleasure. Check them out!

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When you hear the AAA term AAA+ or Triple-A plus, you probably think these are game titles with massive budgets sold at a premium price and often have additional monetization inside the game. And you were right, but there are Roblox projects related to these Blockbusters, which you can play on your mobile devices in a Roblox environment. Look at the recommended Best X Roblox Shooter Games in our review list.

1. Counter Blox

Image by Touch, Tap, Play

Fans worldwide are massively playing this rumble between Special forces and Terrorists while the bomb clock is ticking away. Counter Blox is a replica of CS: GO, one of the most popular titles from the Counter-Strike franchise.

Ten players are divided into two teams to fight five vs five matches across unique matches. One group has to plant a bomb while the other has to defuse it, and in the meantime, both teams are trying to eliminate each other. CS inspires everything from the gun mechanics to the design of maps and textures: GO. The only thing that stands out in this Roblox shooting game is your blocky body.

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2. Base Battles

Image via Base Battles by Voldex

Base Battles is a ROBLOX game created initially by Beluga. The game’s former name before Voldex purchased the game was Armored Assault Testing. Entertaining and addictive Action-packed Roblox game with vehicles and weapons to join your company in BIG Paintball fast-paced chase to defend your Main base.

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3. Roblox Island Royale

Image via @LordJurrd

Roblox Island Royale is among the best-ranked shooters of many Roblox games available on the platform. The battle royale-style game developed by LordJurrd in 2018 stands still as one of the most popular in this genre. Like Fortnite, the goal is to gather resources and loot weapons to defeat other players.

4. NERF Strike [VR Supported]

Image via Metaverse Team

NERF Strike is an official Nerf Roblox game that supports VR, which gives an even more profound impression of a real battle with your Nerf toys. You’ll have a chance to shoot your way to victory using blaster toys available in real life—First-person shooter, where your options depend on your skills and the quality of your weapons.

To improve your chances, make sure to get your weapons upgraded. You can acquire new Blasters, Abilities, Scopes, Masks, Vests, and Skins!

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Roblox FRONTLINES is a first-person shooter on Roblox, released in early 2023. The game’s impressive graphics and challenging gameplay have made it a standout on the platform, attracting over 15.8 million visitors.

Roblox Frontlines has a rich arsenal so that players can enjoy the game’s various weapons, upgrades, and player skills. The game itself features four available maps and game modes. Feel free to see for yourself.

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6. Tropical Royale

Image via SirSkittles

Fight against your friends and foes in this action-packed arcade shooter! Shoot and build your way to the leaderboard’s top with fast-paced rounds with modifiers to spice up every encounter you stumble into! You can earn Tropical Bucks to buy awesome skins, pickaxes, and emotes from the shop as you win matches!

Players will drop onto a massive island, fight to survive, and be the last one standing! Graphics and immersive sound effects will transport you straight into the heart of the battle. With various weapons, tools, and power-ups at your disposal, the gameplay is always fresh and intense. You’re going to love it!

7. AA [Anarchy Arena]

Image via ping!

What is AA, formerly known as Roblox Anarchy Arena? It’s one of the millions of unique, user-generated 3D experiences created on Roblox. You have to show your skill in this fast-paced shooter where you play as one of 5 unique characters with their abilities and playstyle. You’ll earn credits to unlock skins, winner backdrops, kill effects, and many more rewards, climb up the leaderboards, and so on. The latest update brings King Of The Hill Gamemode!

8. Arsenal

Image via ROLVe

Many Roblox fans swear that Arsenal is the most addictive shooter available for pocket devices. We have verified and confirmed the claims of many hardcore roblox gamers. Roblox Arsenal is a first-person shooter game on Roblox.

Multiple teams use weapons to eliminate one another, and every kill spawns a different weapon until a player eventually gets the golden knife and wins the game. Arsenal is often viewed as the Call of Duty of Roblox, where players run around various maps, work with teammates, take down enemies, and ultimately work towards completing objectives and racking up as many kills as possible.

Almost everything is a weapon in Arsenal, including guitars and spell books. LOL!

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9. No-Scope Arcade

Image via Iconic Game Studios

No-Scope Arcade is such a title that it puts you through the most challenging times and allows you to use only your quick reflexes. The most defining aspect of every good sniper is its scope, whether you are playing competitively or for fun. Without the scopes, snipers fall drastically on the accuracy ranking charts. This Roblox game relies on that mechanic to test your skill.

Each round offers you a variety of snipers, and you have to use them, you guessed it, without scopes. The skillset for such a mechanic is challenging but also fun. You might be able to record some incredible trick shots and transfer the skills learned in this Roblox game to other shooter titles.

10. Hood Modded

Image via HM Entertainment

Roblox Hood Modded is inspired by Da Hood, another popular game on Roblox that features street gangs, weapons, and urban environments. In Roblox Hood Modded, you can build your own crew and be the most infamous.

You can also team up with other players to finish the secret co-op operation or play random matches against random people. The game has various commands and controls that you can use to interact with the world and other players.

For example, you can kick doors, carry or drag people, crouch, ragdoll, pick objects, and more. The game also has a ranking and gun-saving system that adds more challenge and fun to the gameplay.

11. Zombie Uprising

Image via USSF – United States Forces

Many Roblox fans claim that Zombie Uprising is the Best Zombie Shooting Roblox Game. Roblox Zombie Uprising is a cooperative shooter survival game where you must fight against hordes of zombies trying to start the apocalypse. You can use various weapons, perks, and upgrades to help you survive as long as possible. You can join the US Special Forces group for free skins and bonuses.

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12. Bad Business

Image via Bad Business

Bad Business is a first-person shooter game on Roblox. Bad Business created it. The game allows players to customize their guns and characters with new clothes released regularly. Players can prove they’re the best through skillful FPS combat and make their guns their own through unique and profound customization. T

he game also offers biweekly updates. You can use the code “KACHING” for 2000 CR & code “PRIDE” for free charms. You can also check out social links and join the community to receive regular credit code leaks on upcoming content and hear your feedback from developers.

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13. Shoot Out!

Image via Manic!

Shoot Out! is a Roblox western FPS game developed by Manic!. Both Arsenal and Gun Game inspire it. Players have to battle with Western-styled weapons and reach 32 kills. After a round ends, players get credits. Those credits can be spent on character cases and kill effects.

You can choose from different weapons and skins and compete with other players in various maps and modes. You can also use codes for free rewards, such as gold, gems, and cosmetic items.

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14. BIG Paintball!

Image via BIG Games™

As the name suggests, BIG Paintball! is a game based on Super fast-paced Paintball! BIG Paintball! is a game on the Roblox platform that lets you experience the thrill of a Western-style shootout. You can choose from different weapons and skins and compete with other players in various maps and modes. You can also use codes for free rewards, such as gold, gems, and cosmetic items. BIG Paintball! is developed by BIG Games™, and you can play it by clicking the Play button beneath.

15. Phantom Forces PC

Image via StyLiS Studios

Phantom Forces is easily one of Roblox’s most popular and oldest shooting games, with over a billion visitors. It supports over 100 weapons and multiple game modes and regularly updates maps. Moreover, its weapons rely on realistic mechanics like varied recoil, bullet drop, and balance changes. If you are just starting with Roblox shooting games, we suggest you give Phantom Forces a shot. Its huge player base will ensure you have enough enemies to play against, which is excellent for practicing and making friends.

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These are the games that we’ve picked for our top 15 Roblox Shooter games. Do you recommend some more? Share them in the comments below!

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