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Top Halo Infinite Forge Maps & Modes

Top Halo Infinite Forge Maps & Modes
Image via 343 Industries

Halo Infinite’s Forge mode is proving to be the perfect engine for creative Halo fans. As a part of the big Winter Update, Forge is already inspiring players with its advanced capabilities, and the community is full of great custom maps and modes.

Revisited fan-favorite maps, stunning visual masterpieces, and fun minigames—there’s so much Forge content out there. We bring you our selection of the top Halo Infinite Forge maps and modes that will make you fall in love with the game all over again.

Lockout Remake

halo infinite forge lockout remake map
Image via Uneeq

We start our list with the return to a classic. There are some maps and locations that are just iconic for Halo players, and Lockout is one of them. No wonder so many jumped at the opportunity to play this remake by Uneeq. The revamped map looks amazing and perfectly plays into that Halo 2 nostalgia with heavy snowfall.

It is best for 4v4 configurations, but the number of players ranges from 2 to 12. The primary supported modes include Slayer, Oddball, and King of the Hill.

You can download it on this Halo Waypoint page.


halo infinite forge curfew map
Image via Sikamikanico

This map, made by Sikamikanico, is a rethemed and remastered Halo 5 map under the name of Precinct, which he did in collaboration with another creator, BlazeDillon.

The optimal player count in this dystopian sci-fi setting is 4v4, but it supports up to 8 players and the following modes—Slayer, Strongholds, King of the Hill, Oddball, and Capture the Flag.

Try it out here.

Ro Sham Bo

halo infinite forge ro sham bo map
Image via UnknownEmerald

This is madness, says the writing on the wall in this Forge creation, and it is mad how good it is! Ro Sham Bo, created by UnknownEmerald, allows you to take in the dramatic vista and fight with your teammates across the narrow bridge, that is now a no man’s land. But be careful—you only have one life, and you’re stuck with the weapon you spawn with.

The primary supported mode is Slayer, and the optimal player count for this minigame is 12v12.

Download the map from this page.

Repul Soccer

halo infinity forge repul soccer
Image via B0b_is_here

Soccer with repulsors? Let the hilarity ensue! This deadly soccer game is best enjoyed in teams of 4, and you need to launch the deadly ball into the opposing team’s goalpost 8 times to win.

The credit for this fun Forge minigame goes to B0b_Is_Here, in collaboration with Unsorted Guy.

You can check it out on this Halo Waypoint page.


halo infinite forge eternity map
Image via Paimon

This Forge creation is a monochromatic feast for the eyes that emphasizes vertical movement. Besides visual appeal, which properly showcases the possibilities of Halo Infinite Forge, this map offers the opportunity for some top-tier close-quarters combat.

It’s a Slayer-based 2v2 map, and the creator behind this masterpiece is Paimon.

Get the Eternity map here.

Paintball Hedge Maze

halo infinite forge paintball hedge maze
Image via B0b_is_here

If you’re a fan of paintball, this one will grab your attention. Another creation by B0b_Is_Here is a Slayer-based arena meant for 12v12 games, where you get only one life. Just one hit by the paintball gun will eliminate you, so the stakes are high.

Try Paintball Hedge Maze by downloading it via this link.

Parkour Evolved

halo infinite forge parkour evolved map
Image via Oscarb64

Parkour enthusiasts will love this time-trial jump map by Oscarb640. This Forge creation is great for players that like speedrunning, and it features numerous shortcuts and alternative routes, which make it highly replayable.

If parkour is your thing, download the map here.

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Top Halo Infinite Forge Maps & Modes


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