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Top Best Mods for Dead Cells

Top Best Mods for Dead Cells
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This article will clearly be of interest to fans of the Dead Cells game. Today we will talk about the TOP of the best mods for Dead Cells.

Inky’s Armory Mod

Author: buttslutmcgee

This mod allows you to choose whatever starting weapons and skills you need. It was originally part of a larger project that the author is working on, but people said that they liked the way their arsenal of weapons was arranged, so the author decided to make it a separate mod.

To use this mod, you first need to activate the mod interface. To do this, go to Options and click Gameplay, scroll down and you will see an option to enable interaction with the mod. Click start, after which you will have a list of the mods that you have installed.

Expository Korean Translation

Author: Discommunicator

This is the author’s translation of the into Korean and explains in detail the contents of the various tooltips, including the effects and working methods of items that are not revealed in the game. All NPC names, as well as their lines, are as close to the original as possible.

If you are suddenly learning Korean, it can be very helpful.


Author: Dino

This mod remakes all the replicas of the characters in the style of Shakespeare.

Scorpion skin

Author: Mooner

This mod replaces your usual equipment with Scorpion Skin armor. With its help, you can release a chain with a kunai and kill an enemy at a distance, or you can twine a chain around him and pull him to you.

There are many more to list. If you are interested in knowing more, follow the links to the authors and check other mods.

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Top Best Mods for Dead Cells


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