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Top 5 Best Design Strategies in Dwarf Fortress

Top 5 Best Design Strategies in Dwarf Fortress
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Dwarf Fortress is an exciting game where you can build your own underground fortress. There you will need to control your dwarves and protect them from different threats. In order to create a successful fortress, you will need to use the most effective design ideas. Today we will help you and this guide will tell you about the top 5 best design strategies in Dwarf Fortress.

Top 5 Best Design Strategies in Dwarf Fortress

In order to make your fortress safe and successful, you will need to design it correctly. So, today we are going to tell you about five great strategies that will help you. Hopefully, you will find these design ideas useful!

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5 – Make Wider Corridors

Corridors are the key part of your fortress and we recommend you make them wider. If all of your major corridors are wide enough then your dwarves will spend less time passing through them. So, they will be able to do all your tasks faster.

4 – Build the Right Rooms in the Right Places

There are many different rooms and workshops that you can build in this game. Some of them are very important and we highly recommend you build them right in the center of your fortress. For example, the dining room is used by all your dwarves and it is a bad idea to build it far away from most of your workers. On the other hand, if you want to get a special room that can be used only by a small number of dwarves, then you shouldn’t build it right in the middle of your fortress.

3 – Don’t Be Afraid to Dig a Little Deeper

If your current underground fortress is big and you don’t want to make it wider then you should try to dig another level under it. You will be able to build additional rooms and workshops there. So, your dwarves won’t need to waste their precious time on marathons around your wide fortress which has all of its rooms built on the same level of height.

2 – Use Some Tamed Animals

If you need to guard your fortress it is hard to find anything better than tamed animals. You can try to place a dog near the entrance to your fortress. So, it will guard your dwarves and will warn you if goblins or kobolds try to attack you. Also, you can try to tame various exotic animals and even monsters.

1 – Think About Protection

If your fortress is under attack then it will be a good idea to lock it down. So, you should build a bridge that can be raised when your fortress is attacked. For this purpose, you will have to deal with various mechanisms and here you can check our guide on how to use levers in Dwarf Fortress.

Dwarf Fortress is an amazing game and it allows you to do many various things. So, if you know some good design decisions then you can share them with other users in the comment section below this article. Good luck with your further adventures!

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Top 5 Best Design Strategies in Dwarf Fortress


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