Top 5 Killer Perks in Dead by Daylight Mobile


There are many types of Killer Perks in Dead by Daylight from 25 killers all of whom have 3 unique perks that makes them a formidable killing machine.

The function of these perks is to help the player maintain control of the game’s objectives in all parts of the map and also to subdue survivors which can change the outcome of a match.

If you’re playing as a killer in Dead by Daylight Mobile, it is vital to know the abilities of all or most killers because these will help you become unstoppable or inescapable.

The game consists of 66 killer perks in total and depending on the character you decide to play with, some of these perks are better than others.

So in this brief guide article we’ll be listing the top 5 Killer Perks in Dead by Daylight Mobile in order to show you the killers with the most deadly perks to use when trying to stop survivors from escaping.

1 – Barbecue & Chilli


This first perk on our list is a very efficient and essential perk that many players have grown fond of ever since The Cannibal was introduced in 2017. Barbecue and Chilli perk showcases the auras of every survivor from more than 40 meters away from the hook a survivor is kept.

Additionally, this perk has no cool-down and as long as the survivor remains hooked, you can use the perk as many times as you want.

2 – Corrupt Intervention


This is yet another fantastic perk in the game and what it does is that it prevents survivors from fixing generators that could help them escape. The perk blocks as many as three generators that are farthest from the killer for 2 minutes at the commencement of a match.

In these two minutes, survivors will not be able to repair any generators but they can repair the ones that were not affected by the killer’s Corrupt Intervention perk if they can get to them fast enough. If you’re using killers such as The Ghost or Shape, then this perk lets them stalk survivors and amass power while stalling.

3 – Thrilling Tremors


Used mostly by The Ghost, Thrilling Tremors is another effective method of decreasing and disrupting the survival chances of survivors however they try to maneuver their escape from every part of the map.

For maximum effect, this perk can also be combined with Barbecue & Chilli which allows killers to locate survivors because it tells them where a survivor might currently be hiding or planning their escape.

4 – A Nurse’s Calling


It goes without saying that The Nurse is one of the scariest and creepiest killers in Dead by Daylight and for players who faces a team of survivors that work together to heal themselves, The Nurse’s Calling perk may just be what they need.

This perk reveals the auras of survivors that are often and actively being healed from a certain distance especially for killers with high mobility. There are no cool-downs attached to this perk and it is also a passive perk, making it one that can be used as frequently as you want throughout a match.

5 – Thanatophobia


We didn’t save the best for last in this one because Thanatophobia is one of the perks that every players who plays as a killer should try out. This perk affects the action time unless for healing.

It can affect the overall speed of repairs, totems, and sabotage. It slows down an injured survivors speed by 5% and if all survivors in a match happen to be injured, their speed will be slowed down by 20%.

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Top 5 Killer Perks in Dead by Daylight Mobile


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