Top 3 Best Builds in Dead Cells

Top 3 Best Builds in Dead Cells

There are tons of Dead Cells builds, but which one is the best, and what items do you need for it? Let’s figure this out. Below, you will bind top best Dead Cells builds.

Best Builds in Dead Cells

Bleeding Build

You need to have the Rapier V as your primary weapon and the Throwing Knife V as your secondary weapon. Next, you need skills such as Storm Knight V, as well as Ivy Grenade V and Ruby Amulet. This build increases the power of your blow by 30%. Throwing knife causes bleeding for two seconds and when an enemy dies from blood loss, those near him also begin to bleed.

Critical Damage Build

In this build, Infantry Bow V will be your main weapon. The second will be the twin daggers IV. Required skills:

Damage Reflection and Phaser. And also don’t forget about the amulet. In this case, you need an ice necklace.

This build is designed to deal a lot of Critical Damage. The bow of the infantry will give you + 20% damage, and Phaser, which allows you to strike immediately after teleportation, will give you + 150% damage.

Maximum Damage Build

In this Build, you need to have Electric Whip V and Flame Stream IV as your second weapon. Reflect Damage and Ice Grenade V will become essential skills. As a necklace, you again need Ruby.

The necklace will reduce the damage you take by 10% and stop enemies during their jumping attacks. Electric Whip V will allow you to deal double damage, and Fire Stream IV gives + 25% damage.

These are the three most powerful builds in Dead Cells, use them, have fun, and be careful.

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Top 3 Best Builds in Dead Cells


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