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Top 25 Funny Roblox ID Codes

Top 25 Funny Roblox ID Codes
Roblox Funny ID Codes
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Roblox has a massive collection of popular songs that one can simply listen to by entering their correspondence ID codes. While browsing through the vast Roblox audio library, you’ll come across many funny sound effects to troll friends or just play some funny music in the game.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 25 funny Roblox ID codes that can be used this month. By the end of this guide, you will also learn the process of redeeming these Roblox ID codes using different ways.

Top 25 Funny Roblox ID Codes

Image via Roblox Creator Hub

The Roblox Funny codes that we have listed below were working while writing this article. We’ll update this post at regular intervals; hence, we suggest our readers bookmark this page to get the updated list.

  1. Baka Meme: 1136862424
  2. Cringey Recorder Song: 454451340
  3. DARUDE – SANDSTORM: 166562385
  4. Deja Oof: 1444622447
  5. EAR EXPLODER 9001: 180736564
  6. FIREFLIES OOFED: 2576727651
  7. Hey There Buddy Copypasta: 402345841
  8. I’m Fine: 513919776
  9. JoJo Meme: 4576134065
  10. JUST DO IT!: 256575709
  11. Minecraft Parody of Drowning: 958013786
  12. OOF LASAGNA: 2866646141
  13. Ris Ro Dah: 130776150
  14. Run Meme: 1048054890
  15. SEND ME TRADES SONG: 426449407
  16. SONIC.exe: 142390240
  17. Sound of Da Police (Loop): 893103157
  18. Soviet Anthem, English: 1195628611
  19. THE MEME SONG: 433214378
  20. The Slender Man Song: 142776228
  21. Titanic My Heart will go on Flute: 1568352062
  22. Undertale’s Stronger Than You: 693163614
  23. We Are Number One: 606853854
  24. Wii Music (Loud): 3155039059
  25. Windows XP Boot Meme: 5371528720

How to use Funny Roblox ID Codes

These are the steps to using funny music ID codes in Roblox:

  • Purchase a Boombox from the Roblox Avatar shop if you want to permanently listen in various experiences.
  • Alternately, hop into Catalogue Heaven and search for free catalog for the Boombox.
  • Enter any of the above codes in Boombox.
  • Next, click on play button.
  • Finally, the track should begin playing.

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Top 25 Funny Roblox ID Codes


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