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Top 10 Trade Island Cheats: Tips & Tricks in Our Complete Strategy Guide

Top 10 Trade Island Cheats: Tips & Tricks in Our Complete Strategy Guide

We’re here to help you with the best tips and tricks for Trade Island, Game Insight’s great strategy game available on mobile. With our help, you’ll build up the island for your new residents to adore, unlock all new areas in the game and progress faster through the game.

It won’t happen extremely fast, since you will have to do some waiting, but we’ll help you optimize time as much as possible and have heaps of fun in the mean time.

So without further ado, here are the top 10 Trade Island cheats and tips in our complete strategy guide for the game.

1. Complete your residents’ quests

The quests that the residents have for you are basically what takes you through the game’s story. They usually unlock new features or help you carry on with unlocking new features.

So always look at the icons above your residents’ heads and tap them, then complete quests as soon as possible. Try to focus your entire game play on this

2. Complete trade orders for special items

Completing trade orders is the easiest way to make more money in the game, but also to fill up on those special tools that are required to build some of the structures or remove obstacles.

If you manage to complete a specific number of trades each day, you can earn up to two chests that will hold extremely valuable tools inside. The first one only requires 10 trade orders to be completed and it should be done each day without too much trouble.

The second is a bit more difficult since it requires 20 successful trades – but you should strive on getting it as often as possible too since the rewards in that new chests are even better!

3. How to get more Wood

Wood will probe to be one of the resources you’ll need the most early on – and have no place to get it from. Apparently.

But you actually have various sources of wood in the game. Once you reach a certain level, you will unlock the Sawmill which will allow you to order wood in Trade Island and everything will be a lot easier.

Before unlocking the sawmill, if you need some extra wood, you can chop down the trees on the map – but have in mind that those resources are limited, so you will run out of them sooner rather than later before getting to the Sawmill.

4. The Truck Depot is your friend

Another extremely important building that should be unlocked as soon as possible is the Truck Depot. You get it after unlocking your first additional area to the right of your starting camp and it’s a must have in order to be able to thrive.

At the Truck Depot you can get most of the special items required for performing various important upgrades in the game: the tools that are so difficult to get otherwise. Sure, this will add an extra layer of difficulty and additional micromanagement for you to consider, but it’s worth it!

5. Lighthouse exploring

Don’t forget to also do some exploring from the lighthouse! There are lots of treasures on the map, rewarding you with some nice goodies if you have the time to collect them.

Usually, the greater the distance and costs, the better the rewards, so don’t hesitate to go the distance first in order to bag the special items and more expensive goodies.

It is true that you need to spend quite some money in order to send Sea Dog exploring around the lighthouse, but it’s totally worth it – I never had him return with treasure that would cost less than what I had spent on setting the trip up.

6. The needs of your citizens (balloons!)

Apart from the regular quests, the citizens will also have various needs that you can easily fulfill by tapping and dragging them to their required spot on the map.

These are marked by bubbles with blue icons above their head and you should constantly fill up these needs: not only that you will make your citizens happy and grab some special rewards in the process, but once you complete enough of these requests, you can start a party.

A note of caution before starting a party: plan it in such a way that you start it when you have a lot of various resources on hand and you can quickly order some more. When the party starts, you will have a limited amount of time to deliver the items required for that particular party and if you do, you will be greatly rewarded.

And since it’s so incredibly easy to decide when the party starts (since only you can decide when to fill up that final request and get the last needed balloon), always do it when you have a stash ready for the craziest requests.

7. Prioritize important features

Whenever new features or buildings are unlocked in the game, you should start focusing on unlocking them first and start gathering the resources needed to get the job done, one at a time.

I usually start with gathering the money needed (if such a sum exists) since it’s the easiest thing to do by completing trade orders. Afterwards, I focus on gathering the required items by crafting them in the dedicated buildings. Make sure not to sell them in the market and sooner rather than later you will be able to unlock that feature or special building with just a bit of planning!

8. Upgrade your warehouse

The warehouse is vital in this game, since that is where you will keep your resources. Therefore, you should do your best to keep it at maximum levels at all times – the more resources you can hoard, the easier it is for you to progress.

There are actually two warehouses in the game: the Resource Warehouse and the Product Warehouse. The latter should be your main priority, since a lot of goodies are stored there.

9. Unlock more production slots

As you have more money to spend, you will be able to unlock new production slots in some buildings and areas in the game. Make sure that you do so when you have the chance as this means that you will be able to order goodies in larger batches which will take longer to produce. These are great orders to set up right before taking a long break from the game!

10. Be patient

As much as you’d like to progress through the game as fast as possible, this is simply not doable in a game like Trade Island. Take your time and enjoy the ride instead remembering that there’s no rush to get anywhere fast. But you can follow our tips and tricks about and optimize your time and production and have the best possible time in the game.

And this would be it! You now have a complete strategy guide for the amazing Trade Island by Game Insight and I am sure that by following our tips and tricks, you will progress a lot faster through the game. And don’t forget: if you have some tips and tricks of your own, let us know by commenting below.

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Top 10 Trade Island Cheats: Tips & Tricks in Our Complete Strategy Guide


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  2. I need to upgrade my town hall to the next level. I have the correct amount of population, but it says I need to upgrade one of my homes. So I go to upgrade my home and it says I need to upgrade my town hall. So it keeps going back and fourth and I cant upgrade either at this point. What do I do?


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