Top 10 Man or Vampire Tips: Cheats & Strategy Guide

Man or Vampire is one of the best and most beautiful free to play mobile games that I have tried recently and I am happy to be able to share some Man or Vampire tips and cheats with you in today’s article.

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Man or Vampire is absolutely stunning – both visually and in concept, with great elements and huge amounts of depth, keeping you hooked for hours at a time. So the first tip I can share is to always have the charger nearby! Of course, the rest of our tips will be a bit more helpful gameplay-wise.

So let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s talk strategy about a great game. Here are our top 10 Man or Vampire tips and cheats for fellow players!

1. Always work on Requests
Completing requests rewards you with a ton of money which are needed to basically do everything in this game. They also have high requirements to complete – so always make sure that you refresh (if any are available) until you get something to meet your players’ stats.

You can also invest coins or diamonds in order to increase your chances of getting better requests – but you should only do that when you have a lot extra.

Finally, don’t forget that each request has a specific class bonus: if you can send that particular class to complete the request, you will get the bonus. The bonuses themselves are usually substantial, so if you have options available, do it! But pay attention to the characters you send on these requests as they won’t be available for selection in your squad.

2. Soul Searching
Soul Searching is key in Man or Vampire and you have a ton of souls to collect. These are basically the companions you can bring together with you in battle – or those you can sacrifice in order to get upgrade items for your better characters.

Soul Searching should be done constantly and negotiating with the souls you find is vital. Negotiations can reduce recruitment prices by up to 80%, so you can save a ton of money this way. Have in mind though that negotiating with the characters does not reduce the amount you have to pay if you want to recruit them with Diamonds.

When negotiating, you will get the option to select one of more available characters to do this. You will see that they are listed based on their affinity with the character you’re negotiating with, but I personally found out that Intelligence seems to be the more important skill here.

So instead of selecting a character with Good affinity and 50 intelligence, you’re probably going to do a lot better if you use one with Normal affinity, but 100 intelligence.

The even better part is that you can switch screens and you won’t lose the character you’re currently negotiating with. So if you find a rare character with multiple stars, you can simply have it waiting there until you get the required funds to recruit them.

3. The Character Info Screen
You should spend a lot of time there – especially with the characters you’re planning to use constantly in battle. That’s where you will increase their attributes, improve their skills and equip items, as well as access all sorts of various information for each character.

There are a ton of characters available in the game and the golden rule of thumb is that the ones with more stars are better. But remember that you can also star up characters using various resources in the game – so no character should be ignored, especially if you enjoy playing them in your squad.

So spend time checking out all the details in the Character info screen and make sure to upgrade the attributes when they level up. You can easily tap an attribute and see how increasing it will affect your character – and you can change your mind if you don’t like what you see.

4. Turn your Characters into Vampires
In order to level up your main character and unlock various other features in the game (like PvP and more), you have to bite existing characters and turn them into vampires. This grants XP points and levels you up, but also blocks the character evolution for those you have bitten.

In other words, every character you bite will remain at their current level and you won’t be able to upgrade them any more. So you have to plan a bit before doing this.

One strategy (which is time consuming) is that you start leveling up your 1-star characters to the maximum by sending them to complete adventures, then bite them. The higher their level, the more experience your main character will get, but the boosts are minor at low star levels.

For example, a 1-star character gives you 200XP at level 1 and just 205XP at level 7. Getting them to level 7 usually requires completing one low level adventure. However, it is worth it in the long run because you need to bite as few characters as possible in order to level up.

5. Check your Inventory
Especially early on after starting to play Man or Vampire, you should check your inventory as you’ll have a ton of great and useful items there. The most important will be, early on, the ones giving your characters XP points – make sure to use them on your favorite characters in order to make them better.

It’s also a good idea to check them out constantly in order to know what types of items you have available and what effects they have. There is a ton of loot you will collect when playing and the game doesn’t really take time to let you know about them or tell you what each does – so go through each manually and you’ll most likely have some really pleasant surprises!

6. Auto Explore is Your Friend
Going through an entire area during an adventure is extremely fun, but also time consuming. We’ll talk about adventuring manually a bit later, but now I have to be honest and admit that most of my adventures were completed on auto mode.

With auto mode turned on, your companions won’t do the best possible job when it comes to exploring the map as they won’t fully explore everything, leaving behind some potential loot, but they still explore most of the areas and fight against most monsters. So it is, in the end, a better option than going through each time-consuming adventure manually.

7. Adventure tips
If you want to complete adventures yourself and you have time to do so, you will usually get more rewards than letting the AI do the job. Here are some additional tips to help you get the most out of each adventure:

– explore every nook on the map, destroying all items that you can as barrels, chests and everything else can hold various loot.

– plan a bit before activating the special items such as the camp fire (which replenishes your torch percentage), the health restoring items and so on. It’s best to do it at the right time in order to actually gain something from it.

– remember to use the items available in the quick action menu – you have 4 slots and items like healing your characters or instantly teleporting back to camp (while keeping all the loot) might be available.

– you can also level up and skill up your party members during the adventure. Simply tap their icons in the left side of the screen and apply the changes as you go. This doesn’t make much of a difference in easy adventures, but could help in more difficult ones.

– you don’t have to bring your main character into the adventure squad. Actually, you shouldn’t as they will usually have worse stats than the other options.

8. Research constantly
Make sure that you always tap and hold on the main screen in order to discover all the things you can do in the game in that particular screen.

For example, you will find out that the throne is actually clickable and that’s where you can conduct your research. Make sure to do so constantly – as soon as you meet the level requirements in order to get some massive boosts.

9. Extract souls
Extracting souls is another extremely important thing that you should do in order to make sure that you will make your existing characters better.

You should start by extracting souls from your low star characters and have in mind that their level doesn’t seem to count when it comes to the number of Stones you’re getting.

The best strategy to apply here, when it comes to extracting souls (you are basically removing characters from your roster to get Soul Stones) is to turn them into vampires first. This way, you bite the characters and gain XP, then sacrifice them and gain Soul Stones. Win-win situation!

The store is also a great place to find some solid deals daily!

10. Enhance your gear
You have a limited inventory when it comes to the number of gear you can carry and you should always try to optimize that by enhancing existing gear or equipping better gear when available.

When equipping a new item to one of your characters, have in mind that the existing item will be completely lost. This is why it’s a good idea to always plan ahead in order to reduce waste.

Enhancing items can be done from the main menu or from the character’s menu by tapping the item you want to enhance. You will need a similar rarity items and 250 coins to enhance and you should do this constantly in order to make sure that your characters are getting the biggest possible boosts – especially since after the second enhance of an item, the bonuses you get are really huge!

This would be all right now, but we’ll have more articles covering the game coming soon. Until then, if you have some additional Man or Vampire cheats or tips to share with fellow players, let us all know them by posting in the comment section below.

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Top 10 Man or Vampire Tips: Cheats & Strategy Guide

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