Everybody knows about Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga and most of the games that have topped the Apple Store charts in 2015. However, you probably never heard of Oddwings Escape, Quetzalcoatl and other games on our list. However, even though these were not the chart toppers they deserved to be, 2016 might be the time for their second chance – and your second chance to try out these lesser known iOS games everybody should be playing!

We’re keeping a nice mixture of free / freemium and paid games, focusing on easier to play titles that everybody would enjoy (so we’re not going too in-depth with roguelikes or other really hardcore titles, even though we have a ton on our shortlist as well). Without further ado, here are our top 10 lesser known games you should start playing right now on your iPhone or iPad!


1. Oddwings Escape

01 oddwings escape

Fly like never before! Soar through beautiful islands, solving exciting physics based challenges. Unlock and upgrade amazing new characters to unleash their powers. Race against your friends and other players for fame and glory! Check it out on the App Store.

2. Planet Quest

02 planet quest

Do you want to see rabbits dancing with giraffes to some bangin’ beats? Then this game is for you! One tap gameplay makes for a fun experience rounded up by great music and well… zero costs for you! Tell your friends about this game, then crush them on the leaderboards! Head over to the App Store to get it.

3. Dark Echo

03 dark echo

Trapped in darkness, you must use visualized sound to guide your way through threatening environments. The sounds you create will bounce off obstacles, revealing the shape of the surrounding world. It won’t be long before your only way of sensing the world attracts a horrifying evil that devours both sound and souls. This game completely changes the way you play games and you have to at least give it a try! Get it on the App Store.

4. Quetzalcoatl

04 quetz

Quetzalcoatl is your new challenge! Be prepared to push the limits of your brain with its 180 carefully designed snaky puzzles! Dozens of hours of gameplay are awaiting you just one click away, on the App Store.

5. Find the Line

05 find the line

Transform simple lines into works of art with the swipe of a finger in this unique and beautiful puzzle game. Moving each line is easy as you look for clues in each line’s movement and piece them together to craft everything from household objects to iconic monuments – it’s a lot more fun than it sounds and you’ll love this game, which is just as relaxing as it is fun. Check it out on the App Store.

6. Adventures of Poco Eco

06 adventures of poco eco

Discover a new world where there’s a lot to see and even more to hear. Help Poco Eco, the curious explorer complete his mission. Your goal is to help Poco and his tribe find their Sounds that they’ve lost by solving the mini puzzles and completing all twelve 3D animated levels. This is more than a game, it’s a complete audio-visual experience. Give it a try here.

7. Drop Wizard

07 drop wizard

Drop Wizard is an action arcade game where you play as Teo, a wizard on a quest to save his friend turned into stone by an evil warlock. Clear all the levels, face dangerous bosses, collect power ups and score epic combos. Prepare for 60 stages of complete retro fun! Download the game on the App Store.

8. Tower Dwellers

08 tower dwellers

A very good Tower Defense game for those who enjoy the genre, bringing heroes into play, multiple tower combinations and types and a ton of challenges. One of the few games I always have installed on my device and one that I always play at least a few times per month. Check it out on the App Store.

9. Beneath The Lighthouse

09 beneath

Beneath the lighthouse is a serene puzzle action game about a boy in search of his lost Grandpa. Your journey will take you through mysterious mechanical wheels that lay beneath the lighthouse! Click here to check it out.

10. Alto’s Adventure

10 alto

Above the placid ivory snow lies a sleepy mountain village, brimming with the promise of adventure. A new type of endless runner, Alto’s Adventure manages to amaze and turn you into a fan instantly with gorgeous graphics and flawless gameplay. Click here to start your adventure and I’m sure you’ll keep on playing!

These are all great games I am sure you’ll love so… why not give it a try if you’re looking for something new to play right now?



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