Top 10 Ingress Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Welcome back, agent. We’re here again with some more Ingress cheats, tips & tricks to help you succeed at being a top notch agent. We’ll get right to it, and always remember that we’re part of the team too, so if you have anymore suggestions or tips let us know! Here are the top 10 Ingress cheats, tips & tricks.

1. Bring your phone around with you everywhere you go!

Some of you may not need to hear this, but always keep your phone on you to maximize your agent potential! Going to work? Class? Going out for a jog? Walk the dog? Take your phone with you! You’ll never know when a portal might be nearby, so always be prepared. Even if you can’t claim a portal at that time, you can at least hack it to get it’s Portal Key, which may come in handy in the future.

2. When attacking enemy controlled portals, stand as close as possible to them!

You’ll notice that when you deploy an XMP attack, you shoot out a blast wave around you in your scanner range. Have you noticed that a portal’s resonators surround it? The closer you are to the portal, the more resonators you’ll hit with your blast, maximizing your damage. Be sure to position yourself correctly to get the most out of your attacks.

3. Use bursters for general offensive; save Ultra Strikes for massive damage!

The most basic XMP is the Burster. These are the most common and you will quickly find yourself with an abundance of them. Use these for general capturing and attacking, but if you ever get an Ultra Strike, save those for when you want to hit hard! Ultra Strikes have a smaller blast range than bursters, but they do more damage. Use them wisely!

4. Save Power Cubes for rainy days!

Power cubes are crystallized formations of XM. They’re basically battery packs that can be used at anytime to refuel your XM supply. The level 1 versions contain 1,000 XM inside them, so don’t forget about them. They’re very valuable so use them when you’re in a pinch and you need a quick supply of XM!

5. Recycle old stuff you don’t need for XM!

Another way to refuel on XM if you’re running low is to recycle items that you don’t want or need. A good example of an item to recycle are those media collectibles you find sometimes. They do nothing significant – other than showing you a Youtube video of some sort – so go ahead and recycle them. You can see how much XM you’ll get from a recycle by looking at the bottom of the screen before you confirm the process.

6. Mod your most precious portals!

An advanced type of item called “Mods” can give bonus effects to your portals. The ones I’ve come across so far are:

  • Portal Shield: These increase the defense of your portal and its resonators, making more sturdy and harder to take down.
  • Link Amplifier: These increase the portal’s potential link range. The one I saw was a Rare, so it doubled the portal’s link range.
  • Multi-hack: This increases the amount of times an agent can hack the portal before it goes into its cooldown state.

There are probably more mods out there, but these are the only ones I’ve had experience with so far. In general though, if you have a portal you want to maintain at all times, be sure to load it out with mods. Keep in mind though that a single agent can only equip an individual portal with two mods, which means if you want to fill the remaining two slots you must enlist the aid of another agent. Also note that there seems to be a “diminishing return” effect on certain mods, meaning that specific mods will actually weaken in power if you stack them. Be careful! One exception to this though…

7. Go wild with the Portal Shield mods!

… are the Portal Shield mods. These don’t seem to be affected by the diminishing return rule, so go ahead and stack these. A common portal shield will increase a portal’s damage mitigation by 30%, a rare 40%, and a very rare by 60%. A portal’s damage mitigation also increases when it’s linked to other portals, so make sure to link as much as you can. You’ll be doing this anyways since you want to build fields. Do note though that a portal’s mitigation cannot go past 95%, so there will always be a little bit of damage coming through.

8. When dealing with the enemy, try taking out one resonator!

It’s important to remember one key thing about creating links and fields – portals need to have eight fully charged resonators in order to link properly. An efficient tactic to employ is denial; destroy only one resonator on a portal. This won’t expend a lot of your resources and you’ll prevent the enemy from establishing a link. If you keep up this covert annoyance, your enemies may give up on that specific portal altogether!

9. Gather some intel from a bird’s eye view!

If you head on over to the official Ingress Intel website, you’ll be able to access a world wide map of current faction control. This is invaluable in planning an Ingress adventure, so if you want to hit up a local spot, check the intel map to see who currently controls it!

10. Submit your own portals!

Are there any landmarks around you that don’t already have a portal? Submit it to Google! Be sure to read through the guidelines on what a good portal landmark should be, then go to the landmark and take a picture. Head over to the submission website and submit your idea.

Those are the most useful things I’ve come up with since I’ve started playing. Always remember to be safe when you venture out on foot! Good luck out there agent.

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Top 10 Ingress Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. I didn’t agree with everything on here. First if with 2. You want to be close to the resonators, not necessarily the portal. This is especially true if you’re lower level and your bursters aren’t as powerful. In this case you need to hunt down each resonator and take it out. Also I didn’t really agree with 3. Ultrastrikes do less damage because you can really only kill shields with them or one resonator at a time. Also with 8. If you’re trying to level up and AP is important to you, you’re better letting the enemy finish so you can get the AP for destroying the fields


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