Things are getting a little heated in the kitchen, so it is time to call for some back up! Too Many Cooks is a fun and frantic co-op cooking game for mobile platforms. Man the kitchen alone, or play with friends online or using local wireless!

With up to a grand total of six chefs in the kitchen, Too Many Cooks demands that players work swiftly but also communicate with each other. Each player has their own station to work with, and communication is the key to victory!

Some players will be tasked with serving customers, while others will be working in the kitchen to prep the dishes. The team will be shown at the top half of the screen, and players will need to send each other the tools and dishes to get the job done.

Too Many Cooks is fast, chaotic, and a whole lot of fun, so grab some friends and try it out! The better you do, the more cosmetic prizes you can earn! Players will earn tons of different stylish hats, outfits, and expressions, so make your chef your own!

Too Many Cooks is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.



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