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Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad Guide: Tips & Cheats To Build a Great Squad

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad Guide: Tips & Cheats To Build a Great Squad

UMBRA’s reign of chaos upon the world has begun, and only the best of the best can stand up to them. Prepare yourself commander – things are about to get explosive in Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, a new tactical RPG from Ubisoft.

In Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, players will command a team of elite agents from all across the Tom Clancy universe – this means players will recruit heroes and villains from Rainbow Six, Ghost Reocn, The Divison, Splinter Cell, and more! This game is a must play for any Tom Clancy fan!

In Touch Tap Play’s Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad tips and tricks guide, we will go over the soldiers and how to get more intel on them, and also how to build an effective and balanced team. Let’s get started with our Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to build a great squad!

Building Your Elite Squad

In Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, you will be put up against strong terrorist forces that require well-balanced teams to take out. Your squad can hold up to five soldiers, and you will need to make sure that you choose your soldiers carefully.

As you progress through the early campaign levels, you will slowly add more and more soldiers to your roster. The question is though, how do you decide on which soldiers to use?

The way Elite Squad classifies its soldiers is a little confusing and it is not really explained too well, so we will do our best to help you decide on what soldiers to bring.

Soldiers are broken down into three roles, with two sub-roles each, for a total six roles in the end. There are three main roles: attacker (diamond), defender (shield), and specialist (cross).

Since your squad can have up to five soldiers, you can have almost every single role in your party. It is best to build your squad so that it is balanced for more synergy between your soldiers.

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Attackers (Pointman, Striker)

Attackers are your main damage dealers. They focus on maintaining high DPS, but they must be protected because they are usually pretty fragile and have no form of self-sustain.

Pointmen are soldiers that can initiate fights with their abilities. They often have skills that debuff enemies that make them vulnerable in some way, and they back it up with high weapon damage.

Strikers are more balanced attackers that rely on both ability power and weapon damage. They are no-nonsense attackers that can pile on the damage using both their weapons and their abilities.

Attackers are the soldiers who get the job done, so make sure you have at least two of them in your squad for balanced damage output.

Defender (Guardian, Enforcer)

Defenders are tanky soldiers that have high health, armor, and resistance. These guys are your frontliners and they can protect your team from harm while they do their stuff, making them an important asset to any squad.

Guardians are pure tanks. Boasting extremely high defensive stats, they often come equipped with abilities that allow them to taunt enemies, forcing them to attack. At the same time, they also have damage reduction abilities, making them stone walls that are hard to take down. While they are very sturdy, they have very low DPS.

Enforcers are a mix of tank and attacker. They have self-sustain abilities like guardians do that allow them to heal themselves or reduce damage, but they also have damage abilities that can help them contribute to team damage.

Defenders are your main frontline soldiers, so you should have at least one to soak up damage for your more squishy squad members.

Specialist (Support, Technician)

Specialists are engineers, doctors, and other soldiers who prefer to approach the battlefield in tactically unique ways. The one thing in common is that they are packing very powerful abilities that can either hinder the enemy team or heal your allies.

Supports specialize in healing their squadmates and keeping them healthy. Supports have abilities that heal the squad and buff them, giving them helpful bonuses like increased armor and weapon damage.

Technicians are tricky soldiers that rely on powerful and deadly gadgets to terrorize their opponents. Technicians usually have high ability power, which allows them to devastate multiple enemies with powerful abilities.

Specialists – specifically Supports – are the backbone of your squad, so make sure to have at least one Support. Technicians are great damage dealers, so they are a good choice as well.

Which Combat Orders Are Good?

Once you hit commander level 12, you will have all six combat orders available for use. A well timed combat order can turn the tide of battle, so which ones should you use?

Well the truth is that pretty much all of the combat orders are good, but the best one to use will depend heavily on your squad composition and the type of enemies you are facing. Since you can only bring two with you into battle, you will need to decide. Let us look at them individually to help you choose!

Barrier is a single-target combat order that grants the selected soldier a shield equal to half of their maximum health, and grants them +50% tenacity, which helps them resist crowd control effects, like stun.

Barrier is a helpful combat order that can help you keep a soldier who is taking heavy fire up for longer, and the tenacity bonus helps a lot against enemies who love to use crowd control effects.

Focus Fire instantly reloads the squad’s weapons and attacks the targeted enemy for three seconds.

Focus Fire is very good in just about any situation, as it allows your squad to pick off high-priority targets like enemy supports or elite attackers that have high DPS. There really is no downside to this combat order!

Air Strike bombards all enemies in a 4-meter circle with four missiles, each doing 4% health damage to all enemies.

Air Strike is particularly useful when you are going up against a group of enemies that like to clump up together, like a team of enemy defenders. The missiles also do percentage damage, which further increases their effectiveness against defenders.

Combat Aid restores health to a targeted ally and any nearby allies over time. Combat Aid also removes any control or negative effects as well.

Combat Aid is a great choice if you do not know what else to bring. It is particularly effective if you have a lot of defenders on your team, as they often times like to gather near each other, enabling you to heal them all. Just make sure to use it earlier than later, as the heal is over time and not instant.

Recharge will instantly recharge the targeted ally soldier’s ability charge to 100%, allowing them to use their ability immediately.

Recharge is a tricky but powerful combat order that requires careful timing for it to be effective. If you have a technician or striker in your squad, let them build up their ability charge naturally so that they can deal big damage. When they are done, use Recharge on them to let them throw out another ability again for massive damage!

You can also use it defensively, like enabling a support to heal the team twice in a row. Recharge is pretty helpful but only if you have soldiers that use strong abilities.

EMP is a static discharge that interrupts and silences a single enemy for three seconds.

EMP is another combat order that requires careful timing. If a dangerous enemy is about to unleash a powerful skill, EMP can stop it dead in its tracks. You can also prevent enemies from healing as well! Bring EMP if you are going up against opponents with strong abilities.

Getting More Soldiers

You will unlock more soldiers as you progress through the main campaign, but they are often low rank. You might be wondering how to get the better soldiers, so here is what we know so far.

As your commander level increases, you will unlock events which are basically side operations that focus on a single soldier. You should try to do these events as they pop up, as you can get more soldiers from them.

In addition to unlocking them, the missions also reward you with additional intel on that specific soldier, which means you can increase their rank easier.

Unlike the main campaign missions, the event missions ramp up in difficulty much faster, so make sure that your squad is trained enough to handle it.

You can also get soldier intel from the O.R.Bs, but we highly recommend saving your gold for later. When you get to the later campaign missions, you will find yourself short on energy very often. You can purchase energy refills from the shop for 50 gold, which you can get pretty easily from completing all the daily objectives.

The final method of getting intel is from the vendor. You can purchase high rank soldier intel with prestige, a special currency that can be obtained from completing objectives, namely event objectives. You get VERY little though, so it will be a long time before you can actually purchase intel from the vendor.

That’s all for Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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