Toddler Games Is an Educational App that Lets Kids Explore the Natural World


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Screen time is a fraught topic in the world of child development, with countless hours spent watching vacuous videos and playing vacuous games. 

But there’s more than one way to do screen time, and Toddler Games does it right. 

Developed by Clapenjoy in collaboration with preschool specialists, Toddler Games is a healthy, wholesome educational app that lets children between the ages of two and five explore the world through colorful games and interactive apps. 

Toddler Games is principally a science learning app, and it contains lessons on subjects like how butterflies hatch, how insects pollinate plants, and how the weather changes over the seasons. 

But it also contains useful life lessons like how to look after a baby bird, how to grow your own vegetables, and even how to dress for the cold.

Best of all, it imparts all this valuable knowledge in the best way possible: through play. 

Toddler Games comes with a wide variety of fun mini-games, including jigsaw puzzles, memory games, and simple activities that involve choosing the picture that corresponds with the activity taking place on the screen. 

For instance, one mini-game presents you with a picture of a bird gazing adoringly at a nest full of eggs and three buttons: one showing a train, one showing an elephant, and one showing a chick surrounded by fragments of a shell. 

Guess which one you need to tap. 

As well as these games there are activities like coloring-in. These coloring pages take full advantage of the smartphone platform, offering up a huge range of colors, templates, and patterns to apply with a few taps and swipes of the screen. 

You can download Toddler Games for free, and there are no ads or other distractions. It comes highly recommended, too, with more than 14,000 users awarding it an average of 4.4 stars. 
To see what all the fuss is about, head to the App Store and download Toddler Games now.

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Toddler Games Is an Educational App that Lets Kids Explore the Natural World


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