Tips on Using Ace in the Hole in Dead by Daylight Mobile

Tips on Using Ace in the Hole in Dead by Daylight Mobile

Dead by Daylight Mobile is an extremely interesting representative of the multiplayer survival genre. In the game, players can choose either the role of the killer or one of the 4 survivors. Survivors need to repair the generators on the map to escape alive. The game has many different characters for both roles that have different abilities and Perks. In this guide, we will tell you about Ace in the Hole.

Tips on Using Ace in the Hole

Players in Dead by Daylight Mobile can unlock and use many different Perks. Some of them are very useful, while others are useless. Ace in the Hole is a controversial Perk since its usefulness depends entirely on the player’s luck. Well, this is not surprising, since this is a special Perk of Ace Visconti.

When Ace unlocks Ace in the Hole, other survivors will also be able to use it. The essence of the Perk is quite simple when a player takes out an item from the chest, there is a chance that he will receive Add-ons along with it. Moreover, if you manage to escape, those Add-ons will be saved.

The chance is 100% for Purple or below Add-on, and also 50% that you will get one more Yellow or Bronze Add-on.

However, whether getting Add-ons is more beneficial or not depends on your luck. Therefore, to increase the effectiveness of this Perk, you must also use Plunderer’s Instinct. It allows you to use the aura more effectively and find chests within a radius of 32/24/16 meters, depending on the level of the Perk. It also increases the chance of finding a rarer item in the chest.

So, to use Ace in the Hole effectively, you need to use Plunderer’s Instinct. We also recommend that you warn your teammates so that they leave you as many chests as possible.

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Tips on Using Ace in the Hole in Dead by Daylight Mobile


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