Ready to dig for some treasure? Tiny Miners is an action game where you’ll be digging down perilous mine shafts in search of sweet, sweet loot! Be ready to dodge mines, rocks, and even tunnels worms as you dig deep for gold, diamonds, and more. Any miner worth their salt needs good mining gear, so use those materials you scavenge during your digs to craft better equipment for your miner! Tiny Miners is a simple and fun action game, so let’s dig right into it with our Tiny Miners cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

While Tiny Miners is essentially an endless runner, there’s still a lot of stuff to work towards, like new gear and better scores. Let’s get started with our Tiny Miners strategy guide.


1. Perform precision moves!

You can play risky if you’re looking to add some extra points onto your end score. Precision moves are high risk high reward moves that require split second timing. Near misses are achieved by dodging an obstacle at the very last second. You’ll know you did it right when the game slows down and you see “near miss” appear above your miner. You can perform a near miss above AND below obstacles if you have good timing. Perfect drills are achieved by drilling into a stone or worm at the very last second, much like performing a near miss. Mines will blow up as an added bonus of performing a near miss on them.

2. Trade up for keys!

The chest system in Tiny Miners is very interesting. There are four levels of chests and keys: rusty, bronze, silver, and gold, with gold chests and keys obviously being the rarest. If you get a rusty level chest, you can either open it using rusty keys or sell it coins. However, with bronze rarity and above, you can actually trade in chests in exchange for keys one level below. For example, if you find a silver chest, you can trade it in for a bronze key. If you do this often, you shouldn’t have to use your gems to buy additional keys, save for the gold chests.

3. Magic warnings are only suggestions!

If your magic levels are too low for a level, the game will warn you before you proceed. Honestly, these warnings don’t mean too much. The only thing that your magic stat affects is how long your superdrill will last. In fact, you can definitely ignore the magic warnings. The way magic works is that for every ten magic points you have, your superdrill lasts a second longer which is barely noticable and not really indicative of how strong your miner is. Your health levels unfortunately do matter, and the game will not let you proceed until you hit the minimum health threshold.

4. Keep the experiments going!

Before you head into the mines, be sure to check your materials and see if you have any combos you can experiment with. The further you get in the game, the longer these experiment times will be, so you want to make sure you always have experiments going. The same goes for crafting. Start crafting that sturdy new pickax you’ve always wanted or that shiny new helmet before you head out.

That’s all for Tiny Miners. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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