Welcome to the testing laboratory. We have prepared a few… “tests” for you to partake in, and precious data will be collected as a result. Just bear in mind that the testing facility is not responsible for any bodily harm that may come to you during these tests. Thank you.

Enter the world of see/saw a morbidly funny puzzle platforming game. In see/saw, you are dropped into a testing chamber. To proceed, you must ultimately die. Yes, you heard right – die!

Each chamber has a certain number of coins that you must collect before you may move on. As always though, there’s a catch. Some coins are placed in a way that you will probably hit a trap before you can grab it.

So then, how do you go about grabbing the coin? Simple! Just throw yourself into that whirring buzz saw and hope for the best. When you die to a trap in see/saw, your body continues to ragdoll around. With some good timing and clever positioning, you can throw yourself over to the coins with time to spare.

And such is the way of see/saw. It is a rather unique take on the tried and true puzzle platformer genre, and it brings its own unique ideas to the table.

You can download see/saw for 2.99 USD off the App Store.


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